Credit: Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

There is a type of journalism for almost any topic you can imagine. For reporters at Eurogamer, their bread and butter is writing up video game industry news and reviews.

Eurogamer set up a virtual panel last year to discuss how to find work as a video game reporter, where reporters shared their personal experiences. Imogen Beckhelling, Rock Paper Shotgun reporter and former Eurogamer intern, said she found her niche by doing news reports on the side whilst at university.

All of the panellists agreed that having some writing experience with the subject is vital before specialising. Beckhelling said that students should consider doing cheap freelance work - not free work - to become comfortable writing about the subject.

"Rather than having a crappy part-time job, pitching and getting more freelance articles would have been a lot better for my experience," she said.

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