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"A journalist using only the pre-installed apps on their smartphone is like someone driving a Ferrari in first gear," says Marc Settle, smartphone journalism trainer for BBC Academy.

In this article on the BBC Academy blog, Settle mentions some of his favourite apps that could help journalists improve their mojo skills, even if that means investing a little in some paid-for tools.

For filming, he suggests using an app like FilmicPro, which enables you to shoot at 25 or 50 frames per second. That is the standard rate for TV broadcasts in most of the world and if you were to record on your phone, you'd be recording at 30 fps, which is common for the American NTSC. The app also offers more advanced features such as false colour, zebra stripes and focus pulls.

When it comes to editing, Settle points out that choosing the right app depends on the experience you already have. He recommends "searching online for tutorial videos to see what you’re in for before taking the plunge” so you don't spend money on a tool you can't use. If you're already confident in your advanced editing skills, you might want to try Kinemaster, but if you are looking for a simpler option, you can go for FilmoraGo or Splice.

Marc Settle will be sharing more tips and tools for mobile storytelling at newsrewired on 7 March. Find out more about the conference here.

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