Millenials phone social media
Credit: Image by on Lassedesignen on Shutterstock.

We know that for an effective social media strategy, brands must know their audience – the more detail, the better. What are their interests and dislikes? What age are they? Where do they live? What are their engagement habits on social? These are just some of the questions that companies should ask themselves about their social audience.

If it all seems a bit overwhelming, and you need some help figuring out who's engaging with your posts on social media, look no further. Get to grips with these free tools on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, which will give you insights into demographics, locations, lifestyle and more.

In the article, Alfred Lua from Buffer Social explains how to use the hidden tools on social media step-by-step, and why it is important to compare results from the different platforms in order to form a more effective social media strategy.

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