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Credit: Image by Pixabay

Check out this article from Chloe Reichel at Journalist's Resource, who offers advice from Elizabeth Arnold, a journalist who's covered climate change for the majority of her career.

Arnold notes that reporters often focus on the gloom and doom associated with the topic rather than the solutions, which often leads to audiences tuning out.

She notes that it is important to highlight what people are doing to address impact and threat, telling a more representative story.

"Impact and threat without this word ‘efficacy’– what we can do about it — is just inadequate," she says.

"If you look at public health, what journalist would do a story about an epidemic without putting in the same story, or at least in a sidebar, something about vaccines, or how to avoid transmission? That would be journalistic malpractice. But we don’t think that way when we think about climate change."

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