Credit: Screenshot: The Biggest Mistake Young Reporters Make In TV News

All the best news anchors and TV presenters are cool, calm and collected. Many may not like to admit that during their years as a rookie, their delivery was much less refined.

On his YouTube channel, Josh Helmuth, morning news anchor for US local TV station KRDO, talks about the biggest mistake in television news: being inauthentic on camera.

This often reveals itself through words and phrases you would never use in real life. His main advice for composing yourself on camera is a painful one: watch yourself back and identify your mistakes. Only then can you work on them.

"Give yourself honest critique; how did you look in that shot, did you seem conversational, did you seem relaxed, did you have a nervous tick, were you moving your arms a lot, were you bouncing up and down, were you blinking too much?" he asks.

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