Credit: Miikka Luotio on Unsplash

There are many ways journalists can make content more engaging for their audiences, like thoroughly covering relevant topics and using clear language.

But quizzes, polls and Q&As are among the most efficient yet underestimated engagement tools, according to David Tvrdon who wrote about this topic for The Fix.

Quizzes especially are popular with the readers because "they represent a signifier of self, as indicative as a profile picture," he writes. They also encourage users to spend more time on the website, which is valuable for publishers. But Tvrdon also warns that polls may show a skewed representation of the reality, leaving "citizens more cynical about the political process," so writers may want to use them as a feedback mechanism rather than an engagement feature.

Make no mistake though, quizzes are not just for the Buzzfeed-style "what type of biscuit are you" features. The biggest publishers like the BBC, the New York Times, Der Spiegel and USA Today use them to bring interactivity to their website and help readers focus for longer.

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