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It's common in most newsrooms to have regular editorial meetings to look at the news agenda and plan the coverage for the day or week ahead.

While it can be easier to resort to Slack and other communication channels to iron out details for projects or ask for support, especially when working on tight deadlines, there's another type of in-person meeting that could benefit your newsroom.

As Elite Truong, product manager of partner platforms at Vox Media, explains in her recent column for Poynter, a retrospective meeting at the end of the week is a good opportunity to sit down with your colleagues and go over what went well and what was left behind schedule, as well as to recognise their achievements.

She also points out the format of the meeting and how often it takes place can be adjusted to fit projects that take longer to complete or team members that your organisation doesn't work with on a regular basis, such as freelancers.

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