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Credit: Image by Yulia Grigoryaya on Shutterstock

It can be frustrating when an editor goes silent and you're waiting for pitch responses and assignments, but how do you get their attention without becoming annoying?

In this article by Susan Johnston Taylor, four freelance writers share their advice on developing rapport with an editor.

Suggestions include following and retweeting their personal twitter account, or sending a polite email when you spot a typo on their site. The key, it seems, is to stay on their radar without hassling them or being over friendly.

“When you help editors out—even when it doesn’t help you—it keeps you on their minds,” explained Michele “Wojo” Wojciechowski, an award-winning author and humorist.

"Treat editors like regular people—which they are, but some writers put them on pedestals. I find that they truly appreciate it.”

You can read all the tips here.

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