Credit: Image from pexels.com

The 2018 Winter Olympics are kicking off on 9 February and the event is likely to feature prominently in news organisations' coverage over the next few weeks, becoming the focus of many interactives, graphics and other multimedia formats.

If you're a data journalist preparing to report on the event, check out this Medium post from Marianne Bouchart, data editor and manager of the Data Journalism Awards. She asked four experts for examples, tips and best practices on finding and visualising key figures and information related to the Olympics as well as other sports competitions.

Make sure your data visualisations work on mobile as many people want to be able to get a quick overview of the competition's results on their phones, and "try and and build stuff outside of one-off stories or investigations” that can still be interesting and relevant once the event has finished.

Some of the platforms where journalists can find up-to-date information about various sports events include Opta, Transfermarkt and the Olympics Data Feed.

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