Credit: Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

Data journalism tends to focus on exposing failure: failing schools, failing transport, failing policies. But what are we missing when we are only looking for the doom and gloom?

Well, according to investigative reporter Matthew Kauffman, a lot.

In this illuminating piece, Kauffman encourages journalists to hunt for the positive: outliers in data that show better-than-expected results and surprising success stories.

This way, journalists can help audiences understand when a policy is working, why it is working, and whether it can be replicated elsewhere, providing hope for communities that often feel powerless.

According to the author, "many newsrooms are missing out on one of the most meaningful uses of data reporting: supporting the growing trend of solutions journalism that relies on rigorous evidence to identify policies and practices with a proven track record."

"It is a meaningful approach to journalism that can be embraced by any news outlet, of any size, starting immediately."

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