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Realising that a successful email newsletter is actually more promising and valuable than a large amount of social media followers, who come and go very frequently, publishers are focusing more on communicating with their readers through email.

In this article on MediaShift, Mark Schiefelbein, head of growth at Revue, points out how editorial newsletters are different from other types of newsletters, and how publishers can increase their open rates.

As editorial newsletters are supposed to be read inside the email, the reader should be able to see the full content in their inbox without being redirected to other websites. Schiefelbein also recommends sending the email from an address that includes the author's name, as readers will recognise a familiar name and “they trust the individual and will be compelled to read what they have to say”.

However, if you realise someone receives your newsletter but doesn't open it, don't be afraid to remove them from your subscriber list to make sure you are growing a loyal and interested audience.

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