Credit: Photo by Dhaval Parmar on Unsplash

"Colour harmony" and "the rule of thirds" are terms and phrases journalists long ago would never have needed to dabble in. But here we are in 2021, social media is crucial for attention and, by virtue, it is important that journalists have a good eye for detail.

To help get you started, Canva's newsrooms and media business initiative lead Jonathan Harley offers five design tips on his Muckrack account that every journalist needs to know.

Many of us will not admit we opt for the default font or choose the first acceptable option starting with the letter 'A'. Harley recommends putting more thought into your font choices - note the plural.

"In fonts, as in life, opposites can attract. Even serif and sans serif can get along but be judicious in your choices — and stick to them. As a rule, two fonts make good company, three is your absolute maximum. Beyond that, things get very crowded and confused. Ultimately, the best font choices are the ones where the reader does not notice the font, but the message," it reads.

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