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Most editors do the same thing as everyone else; rely on basic web analysis to track top articles by the number of visits. Some ways to break this and see who your top visitors are is to track your viewership.

German publisher DuMont changed their strategy early 2018 to a new approach by looking at their ‘priority viewers’ for their local news source Kӧlner Stadt-Anzeiger.

In an article by David Maas, Izabela Koza, head of content marketing and audience for Kӧlner Stadt-Anzeiger explains how the outlet have increased their subscriber base and have 15% more priority visitors to their website.

Koza explains how identifying and publishing topics which ‘priority visitors’ like to read has made the same readers come back to the site and helped the news source to strengthen their areas of popularity.

“We keep in mind that we have a responsibility towards the citizens in our distribution area. All of this is related to identifying high-performing stories that resonate with readers, like political coverage or LGBTQ stories like Jonah’s,” she said.

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