In the social media age, concision seems to be the key to being seen, and if there is sure-fire way to get everything crammed into your tweets, it is to use acronyms and abbreviations.

Of course, classics like DM and FTW, have become so commonplace online that they are hard not to know what they mean. In fact, news organisations have caught on the trend to increase their visibility in the social crowd.

But you might find yourself scratching your head when TIL or EL15 appears on your Twitter feed. Well, search no further because Katie Sehl has compiled a comprehensive social media acronyms cheatsheet on Hootsuite, with 101 quickfire examples to boot. Here is an explainer on FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.

"If you haven’t heard of FOMO, you’ve been missing out. This social-bred phobia expresses the anxiety of absence. For homebodies there’s the antonym acronym JOMO, which means Joy of Missing Out," she writes.

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