Awareness around disability is growing in the media industry, with more disabled journalists finding ways to break into the industry.

But do newsrooms ever stop to consider whether their online content is fully accessible to those consuming their content?

As freelance journalist Cristiana Bedei writes on IJNet, consuming digital news is not so straightforward for audiences with disabilities. Her three tips on increasing accessibility of digital news provide newsrooms with new ways to start to break down these barriers.

For example, blind BBC journalist Mohammed Salim Patel notes that online advertisements can be hugely disruptive when using his screen-reader. These types of issues can be overcome simply by working with more disabled journalists and raising awareness around these obstacles.

"Without diversity in the newsroom and out in the field, some questions will never be raised or some feedback will never be given because it hasn’t been sought out," writes Bedei. "If you’re an independent journalist that is not in a position to hire, consider consulting with individuals or charities."

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