Credit: Image by Macb3t from Pixabay

Podcasts are a fantastic medium for people to communicate ideas, talk passionately about their interests and news. The best thing about podcasting is that anyone can make one.

However, making a good-sounding podcast can be difficult, as the slightest error in recording or speech delivery can ruin your hard work.

With so many pitfalls facing the modern podcaster, it is worth checking out this article from David Hopper, who sat down with Will Rice, a podcaster and voice-over artist with 15 years of experience. They discuss the simple ways to improve the sound of your podcast.

You will be surprised at Rice’s recommendations here, that range from hanging heavy blankets on the walls of your chosen recording room, to asking a friend to give you honest feedback about your podcast, to focusing on improving your content.

“Great voices don’t mean great podcasts. Great content does.”

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