Credit: George Milton from Pexels

A guide from KPCC aimed at ordinary citizens being interviewed, and a Google Doc from tech reporter Chris Stokel-Walker (also available in French and Portuguese) are two examples of it could like to brief interviewees before your sit-down.

This can help to manage expectations and answer any FAQs ahead of time. After all, most interviewees will not be familiar with journalistic processes. Consider sharing one of these documents, or creating your own that reflects your process as a freelancer or newsroom.

For a journalist who carries out hundreds of interviews each year, some of the questions interviewees worry about may not even occur to you, like 'Will all my words be published?' and 'How can I prepare for the interview?'. Both the documents also explain clearly why it is unusual to offer quote approval, and what to do if there is an error in the final version of the article.

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