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We love podcasts. They are a chance to dig into a topic in depth and at length. There is something about the podcast format which is just immersive. But producing these shows can be a real labour of love.

From booking guests, to interview prep, to scripting, hosting, editing, exporting, (correcting mistakes you missed), uploading, promoting - you get the point, there is a lot to it. Which is why these seven shortcuts for producing podcasts are so handy, courtesy of Isabelle Roughol, independent journalist and host of Borderline, writing on her website.

She says not to sweat the small stuff. It can be tempting (for radio-trained podcasters especially) to go through the file with a fine-tooth comb, plucking every stutter, um, ah and 'you know'. The reality is, this is a serious time sink that you can avoid altogether.

"Unless your guest's diction is particularly laborious, you can probably leave filler words in. They don't grate in audio the way they do in writing. But if you're going to do that, make sure your audio quality is top-notch," she writes. "You want production to be cheaper, not sound cheap."

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