Credit: Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Love it or hate it, social media is a must for any news organisation today. It is a vital audience engagement and news distribution tool these days, and therefore a good social media editor is worth their weight in gold.

How do you spot the best candidate in the pile of applications? In an article for What's New In Publishing, Jessie Shi, social media editor of MarketWatch, provides all the essential questions you need to ask them in the interview process. This will separate the best from the rest.

For instance, what should a social media editor do when asked by an editor to promote a story on social media that they know will not go down well?

"Excellent candidates would decline the request without burning the bridge — by showing the editors that similar stories got very little traffic from social media. The best candidates would go a step further to show the editors the biggest traffic referrer(s) of the story so that the editors would know what channels to prioritise instead," it reads.

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