Credit: Wikimedia Commons: torbakhopper

When reporting on the LGBTQ+ community, journalists need to be aware that their writing has the potential to influence how people behave in society.

As freelance journalist Cristiana Bedei writes on IJNet, journalists have a particular responsibility to get reporting about the transgender and non-binary community right, as to not promote harmful stereotypes.

As such Bedei spoke to two experts on how to handle reporting on gender identity. Director of transgender representation, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Nick Adams warned not to focus on medical issues when interviewing transgender people.

"It is inappropriate to ask a transgender person questions about their genitals or other surgeries they may or may not have had," it reads.

"These discussions distract the journalist and the audience from seeing the whole person, and from focusing on larger issues that affect transgender people like discrimination, poverty, and violence.”

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