white house
Credit: Image by citronsmurf on Flick for travelmag.com. Some rights reserved.

The presidential race in the United States is coming to an end in two weeks, but there is still plenty of time for things to heat up between voters on the campaign trail before they go to the polls on November 8.

The elections have not only led to questions about how the media should cover the two presidential candidates fairly and constructively, but it has also outlined a need for publishers to protect their journalists from potential physical and mental health risks they could incur while covering the ongoing event.

Kristen Hare has rounded up some tips for "staying safe and sane" during the next few weeks in this post on Poynter, including practising situational awareness such as knowing where the exits out of a building are located at all times, taking threats seriously and reporting them as part of the story, and finding time to unplug and enjoy '"data and media blackouts" in order to avoid stress.

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