Credit: Siddharth Bhogra on Unsplash

With the rising popularity of podcasts, the number of platforms on which they are available is growing year on year. And if you want to cater to all listeners with any type of device, chances are you need to include several links to make it easy for them to access your show.

Luckily, there is an alternative to clogging your website and promotional posts with links to Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify and more. Instead, you can create custom links and link trees to ensure that no matter the device or desired streaming service, all users can access your podcast easily. 

James Cridland, the editor of Podnews, has compiled this article listing different tools to create universal links with both free and paid-for options. 

Tools such as SmartURL and Podlink are useful for making your podcast simple to access. Cridland also adds in his expert opinion on making your podcasts accessible such as creating your own website or host page. 

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