Credit: Photo by roya ann miller on Unsplash

Climate change has been a focal point of our news agenda this year with the UN’s COP26 summit. Covering this topic accurately and thoroughly requires a string of skills and tools at your disposal.

The Reuters Institute recently held a webinar with Gustavo Faleiros, environment investigations editor of Rainforest Investigations Network, about how he has told stories about the world’s biggest rainforest.

For that, he needs tools like an international tool for tracking deforestation. But there is much more to his arsenal. Journalists Adele Machado Santelli and Malva Izquierdo group-up all of his essential tools; from those for recording your data, to those for keeping you and your sources safe.

Tools are one thing, but you must also know how to use them. According to Faleiros, a basic understanding of statistical analysis is your starting point. From there, you must be able to identify trends and outliers, which will give you a chance to find stories within the datasets.

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