Credit: Mohamed Hassan

Strengthening your email strategy can bring many benefits, from reaching and retaining your audience to monetizing your newsletters. But it is tricky to choose the right approach.

This is why Dan Oshinsky, email expert and founder of Inbox Collective, shared his five tips to help local media transform email strategy in a recent article published by Local Media Association.

Firstly, choose the right newsletter to fulfil one of the five goals your newsroom may have: traffic driving, alerts, courses, pop-up products, or destination newsletters. Then, add personality to it. Focus on onboarding new users by sending them a welcome email and make the pre-header succinct and eye-catching.

Lastly, engage with your readers: "Imagine if you were to run into a reader on the street and had to ask them the one thing they care about today – what would that question be? Whatever that is, that thing should go into the newsletter today for sure," explains the expert.

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