Credit: Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

Keeping hold of your superstar writers or your blossoming talent is one of the great challenges facing the media industry - especially following the "Great Resignation."

"Stay interviews" are a two-way conversation between managers and employees to either stop staff leaving or, if they are dead set on leaving, to understand their reasons for moving on. Both outcomes are beneficial to your company.

A newsletter by Courier, the 'modern business' publication for rule-breakers, go-getters and savvy entrepreneurs, covers all you need to know about stay interviews, how they work and a few tips on executing them correctly.

"For it to work, a culture of trust and transparency needs to already be present. Employees need to feel psychologically safe – and there can't be a big distance between management and the rest of the team," the article states.

"Stay interviews should form part of an ongoing dialogue with individuals, through things like one-on-ones and employee satisfaction surveys."

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