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At, our international editor has recently started working remotely, and in our editorial team of three, we regularly work from home or abroad.

While the option of swapping the desk for an European capital or a beach is a no-brainer, remote working also comes with challenges, such as staying organised, keeping to your regular working hours and ensuring you've got regular access to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

Kavya Sukumar, senior full-stack engineer at Vox's Storytelling Studio, has been working remotely for the past year, collaborating with her team based between New York and Washington, D.C.

In this post, she outlines some of her tips for making the most of remote working, including how to stay in touch with your colleagues using video or audio calls and regular visits, setting up social cues that signal when you should stop working because your colleagues have, and remembering to put self-care on your calendar.

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