• Price: £294.50 incl VAT
• 60-80 hours
• Accreditation: ABCC
• Qualification: NCTJ ePortfolio and CMP diploma

Our online freelance journalism course trains you to write compelling news and articles for both print and online publications on a range of topics.

Freelance journalism is a great opportunity to turn a pastime or interest into a lucrative part-time job or full-time career.

Multimedia and print publications worldwide have a constant need for original, interesting and topical content. Many rely on freelancers to deliver that content.

Our freelance journalism course will show you how to develop saleable ideas, identify suitable markets and approach assigning editors.

With the right training, you could become a regular contributor of:

i• in-depth features for consumer and business magazines
• blog posts and online articles
• news stories and features for local newspapers
• reviews, columns, letters and fillers

Successful course graduate, Nic Newman, now has an extensive portfolio of published articles, across national and European media. He also established his own commercial online web business magazine.

You will also learn crucial journalism skills, including finding sources, record-keeping and covering live events.

Our comprehensive online freelance journalism course will teach you how to:

• use your own skills, experiences, qualifications and opinions to produce article ideas
• source information, conduct research and carry out effective interviews
• write news, articles and features for digital and print publications
• apply media law and ethics
• sell your work and get paid

Whether you are just starting out in the world of work, changing careers, or looking for satisfying and creative part-time employment, freelance journalism can provide the ideal solution.

Our online freelance journalism course will equip you with the skills you need to get started and find success, even if you are a complete beginner.

Successful freelance journalists are able to generate a constant supply of original ideas, package them into article ‘pitches’ and target the right publications.

Course graduate, Geoff Simpson, found our freelance journalism course helped him pitch his ideas to national publications, and get positive responses!

As a freelance journalist, you could be:

• writing for your favourite publications, blogs and websites
• talking to experts and learning about a range of different topics
• setting your own work schedule
• enjoying working for yourself and selling your work
• becoming a freelancer can also lead to a job as a staff writer.

Successful graduate, Adele Land, landed a job as a journalist for her local newspaper within three months of starting our freelance journalism course. She found the content of the course to be "comprehensive, relevant and interesting".

If you would like to earn money or develop a career as a writer, our online freelance journalism course provides the ideal training.

Course leader: Cleland Thom

Email: olly@collegeofmediaandpublishing.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1243 936200

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