As a presenter on the BBC's Today programme and former BBC political editor, Nick Robinson knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in political journalism.

"The three main things any political journalist needs is a smile to charm contacts, a brain to know when you're not being told the truth, and a nose, for bullshit," he said, noting that reporters should be inquisitive, able to demand answers, and be interested in knowing the facts.

"You do actually have to do the work, so that if a politician is being evasive, if they're changing their policy, if they're hinting and nudging but not quite saying what they're going to do next, you know enough to spot what is going on."

Robinson unusually started his career behind the camera, producing political programmes, and then moved to reporting on politics on the radio and television later on.

He explained that there are many ways to develop the skills needed in the profession, including higher education, work experience and internships, but the most important thing is to "show that you can do it, that you love it, that you're interested in it, that you've learned it, and that you have been doing it".

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