This article was produced in partnership with Shoulderpod.

Mobile journalism has become increasingly popular with publishers looking to produce broadcast-quality content using their smartphones, allowing them to engage with hundreds of thousands of viewers in an instant.

A variety of portable lights, microphones and tripods are available to help reporters improve the quality and stability of their videos, but extra equipment can often become difficult to manage out in the field, especially if the journalist is working alone.

Shoulderpod products have become a standard for mobile journalists worldwide, providing them with better control over their footage and equipment for a faster and more productive workflow.

The X1 is the most advanced production rig from the Barcelona-based company, allowing journalists to add accessories such as external microphones or batteries to their smartphone camera.

The modular system is made of a few simple parts which are all tripod compatible, so can be customised to suit the needs of the journalist and what they will be shooting, whether that is a talking-head interview, a piece to camera or an artistic documentary.

And, at the end of their shoot, reporters can simply dissemble the rig to carry it around with ease.

Get yours for just £119.90.

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