digital storytelling

This course is also available to book as part of newsrewired+, including access to our newsrewired digital journalism conference on 19 July.

With more tools available than ever before, it's important for journalists and storytellers to embrace the possibilities of online media in order to remain influential and to keep audiences engaged with their work.

But there is no set recipe for producing an engaging digital story, with each project being unique and requiring a different approach and a different set of tools to deliver the best story possible.

This workshop is designed to get journalists and communications professionals ready to step out into the world of digital media with confidence and equip them with the tools and knowledge to tell stories in an engaging way for online audiences.

The course is led by Albertine Piels, the director of Hackastory. Last year, Albertine quit her job as an editor in chief at the Dutch national news station RTLZ so she can fully focus on Hackastory, where she works with coders every day.

As with all training, this workshop is focused on practical, hands-on learning. It is open to anyone interested in digital storytelling, regardless of experience level. All you need to do is bring a story and material with you (images, text, video) and a laptop to be able to take part in the practical exercise.

Course structure

• The fundamentals of good digital storytelling
• Why and how journalism in the digital age is different
• Inspiration and case studies

• Making the story: BYO story, transform an existing article
• Showcase your project
• Feedback and Q&A

Please bring

A laptop and content (data, text, photos, or videos) for a story you are currently working on or researching.

This workshop will use tools available on DigitalStory.Tools. During the course, the participants will find out what form (and tools) will work best with their story.

Getting there

This course will be held at the Reuters UK office in Canary Wharf, 30 S Colonnade, London E14 5EP.

About Albertine Piels

Albertine Piels is the director of Hackastory. Last year she quit her job as an editor-in-chief at the Dutch national news station RTLZ so she can fully focus on Hackastory. Albertine has 15 years of experience in journalism, always with a strong focus on online media.


"I’ve grown up doing traditional journalism. Now, I have my eyes open to all new possibilities and tools that you could use. It’s really useful, easy and it gives you the confidence to try something new." – Lis Henderson, senior broadcast journalist, BBC