The law can affect what words you use as a broadcaster, in a podcast, on a blog or on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. There are ever-present dangers of falling foul of the laws of Defamation and Contempt of Court by prejudicing someone’s rights to a good name or a fair trial.

The simple act of doing a link on a music radio show, writing a script for a news bulletin, uploading a podcast or hitting the ‘send’ button on Twitter could cost you thousands of pounds in damages and legal costs. And in some cases, you could even be jailed.

Because of social media, everyone today is a publisher or broadcaster – and we all have responsibilities because of that.

The course includes forensic examinations of lots of real-life examples of when things have gone wrong and what you need to do to keep it legal.

As with all courses, the training will focus on the latest tools and techniques with an emphasis on practical, hands-on learning. A sandwich buffet lunch plus tea and coffee is included.

The course will cover:

  • the myth of free speech;
  • defamation – the right to a good name (both libel and slander);
  • the practical effect of the Defamation Act 2013;
  • defences to Defamation;
  • contempt of court – the right to a fair trial;
  • how social media affects defamation and contempt;
  • guidance on website comment moderation;
  • copyright basics;
  • privacy and injunctions;
  • election law for broadcasters.

Getting there

This course takes place at The Bridge, 81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ.

About Paul Chantler

Paul Chantler has been involved in print journalism and broadcast media for 40 years. He started his career in local newspapers and worked as a journalist and presenter for various commercial radio stations and the BBC.

As a group programme director, he ran three of the biggest radio groups in the 1990s. For the last 18 years, he has been a successful international radio content consultant working for clients in the UK, Ireland, Europe and India.

He tours radio stations throughout the UK to present legal training seminars for journalists and presenters. Paul is co-author of several books about media law, the latest of which is called Keep It Legal which was published in 2018.


“Paul is without doubt one of the UK's leading experts in avoiding the legal pitfalls that can trip up any radio broadcaster. His larger than life personality and his ability to make a serious and complex subject enjoyable and entertaining is one of the reasons he's been successful for so many years. I have no hesitation in recommending him and if you want to make sure your presenters, journalists and contributors don't land you in trouble, you should hire him!” – Terry Underhill, Group Programme Director, Wireless Group (News UK)

“Paul's legal seminars are engaging, accessible and relevant, showing a depth of understanding in their content that makes the sessions a valuable addition to our training portfolio. Thoroughly recommended” – Nicky Ness, Director, British Forces Broadcasting Service BFBS

“Paul is genuine, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and offers real learnings and insight. There are many reasons to hire him, but my own was simply good business. Hiring Paul went a long way to ensure my staff didn't fall foul of the law and we ended up paying big legal bills. Selfish I know!” – John Myers, former CEO, Guardian Media Group Radio

“The team enjoyed the session. Quite a few came up to me afterwards and expressed how much they enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you for making it relevant” – Charmaine Noble-McLean, Content Director, Premier Christian Media