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Want to know how you can improve your social media offering? Wondering how you can attract more attention and increase engagement? Then this course is for you.

This one-day workshop, led by former BBC journalist Sue Llewellyn, is designed to help you understand what works – and what doesn’t – in social media.

It will show you what makes people click and share, and teach you how to get your content strategy buzzing.

Course description

This course, held in London Bridge, will help you to think creatively about generating content your audiences will really want to engage with.

Aimed at journalists, writers, programme-makers, PRs and comms teams, the course is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to generate story ideas, find new media angles, and create engaging social media content.

As with all courses, the training will focus on the latest tools and techniques with an emphasis on practical, hands-on learning.

A sandwich buffet lunch plus tea, coffee and pastries is included.

Delegates will need a laptop/tablet/notebook and will be asked to do a (very short) bit of homework to bring on the day.

What will the course cover?
  • What motivates social sharing and what makes great, clickable content
  • How to improve the shareability and discoverability of your existing content
  • How to generate great new ideas and come away brimming with inspiration
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Terms and conditions.

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Getting there

This course will be held at The Bridge, 73-81 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0NQ

About Sue Llewellyn

Sue is a former BBC journalist and producer with more than 15 years experience in TV newsrooms.

Over the last five years she has delivered top level digital strategy and bespoke social media training for clients including BBC News, The Financial Times, RTÉ, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Team GB, Immediate Media group and many others.

To date Sue has personally trained over 4,000 journalists, programme makers, PRs, editors and executives including many of the top names in British broadcasting. She is also a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and Europe on how journalists and newsrooms use social media.

Find her on Twitter @suellewellyn