podcasting masterclass


If you’ve always wanted to start a podcast, this online masterclass will guide you from having a great idea to publishing and marketing a professional audio show for your target audience.

Corinne will show you how podcasting works, how to plan series and episodes, and how to record, edit and mix your show with simple equipment like your smartphone and free desktop editing software.

You will learn script-writing and professional presentation skills, and discover how to bring your podcast to life with music and sound effects. You’ll be shown how to publish your podcast to major distribution channels like iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts, and receive tips on monetisation and promotion.

The curriculum is packed with practical exercises, and participant numbers are strictly limited so you will be part of a small, interactive group with a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Each week you’ll join Corinne to share your progress in a private online group being created especially for this course.

Total course length: 24 hours (Set aside four hours per week to complete this masterclass)

Course date: This course will commence on 24 February 2020.

What will I learn in this course?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how podcasting works
  • Test your podcast idea with your target audience
  • Map out series and episodes
  • Choose a podcast audio-hosting site
  • Select recording and editing equipment to meet your budget
  • Record broadcast-quality interviews in person and via Skype
  • Create and use script templates
  • Write and present engaging voiceovers and interviews
  • Choose royalty-free music and commission paid-for music
  • Edit your audio professionally
  • Add music and sound effects to bring your show to life
  • Understand how podcast monetisation works
  • Publish, distribute and market your first podcast

On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of graduation.

What you will need

No previous audio experience is required. You will need a smartphone, smartphone headset, and a computer or a laptop (Windows or Mac) to complete the practical elements of the programme. Links to free recording and editing apps and software will be provided prior to the course.

Course timing

The course is divided into six modules. You can take the course at your own pace, and if you need to miss a week, you can complete two modules the following week to get back on track.

Getting there

This is an online course. The training will run on Journalism.co.uk's Zenler platform and a private online group designed just for this class group.

Getting there

This is an online course.

About Corinne Podger

Corinne Podger has worked as a journalist for over 30 years, primarily for the BBC and ABC Australia, where she created feature programs and podcasts for the BBC World Service and ABC Radio National. She has taught podcasting and digital multimedia skills to journalists in more than 20 countries, and lectured in podcasting at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Most recently she trained journalists at Reach Plc and JPI Media to create podcasts for the Google-funded ‘Laudable’ project. Corinne is the author of the Mobile Journalism Manual for Reporters and Newsrooms (2018).