online travel writing training

Course overview

This five-session online travel writing course will give students an insight into what travel editors are looking for, including:

  • how to find ideas and write engaging copy

  • how to pitch to editors and get your work published

  • how to get noticed by travel PRs and invited on press trips.

This course is also suitable for established travel writers looking to brush up their skills. Start dates are flexible so you can join anytime. Clients have been published in The Times, Telegraph Online, the Guardian, Londonist, The Independent, Foodism and more.

Week 1: Finding story ideas

  • Where do you find story ideas?

  • What makes a good travel story?

  • What publications are out there?

  • What editors are looking for – and what they’re not

  • The importance of taking notes and how you can add ‘colour’ to a story

Practical exercise: Choose an outlet and develop a story idea to pitch to them

Week 2: Pitching and pricing your work

  • How to write your pitch

  • What kind of fee can you expect?

  • Handling criticism and/or rejection

  • Negotiating contracts and payment terms

  • Writing on spec/for free. Should you do it?

Practical exercise: Taking your story idea from last week, write a pitch and introductory email to an editor

Week 3: Press trips or individual trip?

  • How do you get yourself on travel PRs lists and invited on press trips?

  • The ins and outs of organising your own trip

  • The pressure to write a positive review. What do you do if the trip doesn’t live up to expectations?

Practical exercise: Write a pitch from a press release a PR has sent you

Week 4: Structuring your story

  • How to develop and structure your story

Practical exercise: Your idea has been commissioned. Write the rest of your story to a specific wordcount and editor’s brief

Week 5: Blogging and social media

  • Do you need to blog?

  • Building up an online presence on Twitter

  • Who to follow

  • How to write good tweets

  • What not to do

Practical exercise: Set up a Twitter account and write five targeted tweets

Skill level

Some previous writing experience is required. This training will take place via phone or online correspondence (Skype, email, etc.)

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Terms and conditions.

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Getting there

This is an online course.

About Tina Walsh

Tina Walsh has been a journalist for more than 25 years and has written travel articles for a wide range of national and international publications such as Time magazine, The Independent, Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, The Times, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Coast, easyJet Traveller, Korean Air and many more.


"A well-structured course that covers the basics of finding ideas and angles as well as developing feature stories and finding a tone of voice." – Jean-Yves Gilg, freelance journalist, whose two pitches were accepted by Guardian Travel.

"Tina's online travel writing course was really beneficial. I got help with pitching, contacts and making the most of social media and freelance platforms. As someone who works from home, one of the most valuable aspects was getting advice on all those little things you get stuck on and stew over. Tina was encouraging and supportive throughout." – Georgia Grimond, freelance journalist

"I'd done some travel writing before but was completely at sea when it came to structuring pitches, building up my Twitter profile and learning how to deal with PRs. Tina's guidance was invaluable and I now feel far more professional in my approach both to travel writing and pitching to editors." – Ronan O'Shea, freelance journalist

"I joined Tina's course because I needed to break out of a rut. Tina helped me identify new potential outlets and provided guidance on how to work with travel PRs and tourist boards. She also gave me useful tips on how to craft better pitches." – Isabel Putinja, travel writer