The discovery and verification of social media content has increasingly become a core part of newsgathering over the last 24 months, with many news organisations now employing teams dedicated only to the processing of social information and content.

Verifying and establishing the facts behind social media content is a challenge faced by journalists throughout the world, and this course will outline the skills, tools, and techniques needed to maximise the effectiveness of your social newsgathering and verification processes.

This course is aimed at journalists who wish to expand and develop their social media skillset, but will also be useful to NGO workers, policy analysts, and other roles where the verification of social media content can be of practical use in establishing relevant facts.

The three-hour workshop will show you how to:
  • Discover and monitor the latest breaking news stories on social media platforms
  • Quickly find user-generated images and videos during breaking news events
  • Set up early alert systems so you don’t miss that crucial piece of content
  • Verify videos and images posted online, whether dramatic footage from Syria or the latest and greatest viral video
  • Learn how to geolocate content, source original content, and debunk fake or old content
  • Learn about the best tools to use in the verification of content, including Storyful’s proprietary Multisearch tool
  • Learn about and join Storyful's Open Newsroom, a real-time community which works to establish the facts around the big stories of the day
The course will offer the opportunity to test what you have learned with a number of practical task

You will need to bring:
  • A laptop

About Joe Galvin

Headshot1 copy Joe Galvin is a journalist with Storyful, a global news agency that specialises in the discovery and verification of social media content.

He is an experienced journalist with a track record of working in fast-paced breaking news environments, and he took the lead in the expansion and development of Storyful's innovative Open Newsroom project.

He has previously trained journalists at some of Storyful's client news organisations in the latest social media newsgathering techniques.