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Search and social are by far the biggest drivers of traffic across the web. This hands-on workshop will focus on one of those - search. We aim to boost your traffic and engagement by improving your SEO strategy. How? Well, by looking in depth at attendees’ sites and strategy, and working as a group to give detailed, implementable advice.

Like our other new intensive workshops, there will be a smaller number of attendees than many of our courses, to allow more individual support and advice.

We will analyse and make strategic suggestions based on the attendees’ needs and priorities. This work will happen in a supportive environment, with practical guidance on how to improve your strategy and results.

This evening course, led by Adam Tinworth, an expert in digital audience engagement, and a visiting lecturer on the journalism Masters at City, University of London, gives an opportunity for individual, focused support on your SEO, giving you both a strategy that applies to your business, and the confidence to implement it.

This workshop is suitable for people with a basic understand of SEO looking to deepen their knowledge, and any more advanced concepts or tools needed to develop your work will be explained and presented at the time.

This course will:

  • Allow attendees to deepen and update their knowledge of SEO;

  • Focus on matching their SEO strategy to their audience or business goals;

  • Help attendees develop a content strategy to support their search goals - or vice versa;

  • Provide a framework for developing and improving your strategy based on results.

Please bring:

Attendees need to come equipped with a laptop or tablet.

This is an informal course in a relaxed setting and, as it takes place at the end of the working day, we will be ordering in pizza during the break.

Getting there

This course will be held at Journalism.co.uk's office at Shaftesbury Court, 95 Ditchling Road, Brighton BN1 4ST.

About Adam Tinworth

A journalist for 20 years, Adam now works as a consultant and trainer in digital journalism, social media and content strategy.

His clients have ranged from large outlets such as The Financial Times and The Telegraph to smaller publishers and businesses.

Adam is a visiting lecturer on City University's journalism MA course and has blogged for more than a decade at One Man and His Blog.

Find him on Twitter @adders.