Credit: Image by Tailor

What is it? An app for stitching multiple images together, for easy sharing on social media.

Devices: iOS

Cost: Free

How is it of help to journalists?

People often head to social media to share snippets of interesting, thought-provoking and even shocking articles or comment threads they've read, and there are many tools available to help them do this, such as Excerpt, Liner and OneShot.

But sometimes it is quicker to take a screenshot by just simultaneously pressing the power and home button. This image can then be shared with your followers, while you put the link to the original article in the text of your post.

But what if what you want to share won't fit in a single screenshot? Many journalists have been known to tweetstorm, posting picture after picture in succession, but this can get messy and confusing for readers to follow.

Tailor, a free app available for iOS devices, enables journalists to stitch images together to form one tall picture.

Once you've found a snippet of an article you want to share, simply take your screenshots, making sure they overlap a little bit, and open the app and give it permission to access your camera roll.

It will automatically stitch together the most recent series of overlapping screenshots in your camera roll. Note that you can't stitch photos together if they don't overlap.

Simply tap the 'export' icon, and retrieve the stitched PNG image to share on social. It will have a watermark at the bottom, which can be removed by upgrading for £2.99.

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