There is way too much information out there about coronavirus and covid-19 to keep up with. As a result, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of updates and developments, or unsure what to believe.

One way to cut through the noise is with an email newsletter: that one message in your inbox that provides a handful of essential reads, podcasts or other mediums.

Unsure what to subscribe to? handpicks five newsletters to help you stay on top of covid-19 news.

First Draft: daily and weekly briefings

Non-profit fact-checking organisation First Draft provides the essential reads and talking points on the information landscape in its daily and weekly briefings.

At a time when there are many different forms of mis- and disinformation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, you will no doubt want to be clued up about the latest dangers.

While the newsletter is not specifically geared towards coronavirus reporting, this topic often inevitably dominates the content.

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Tortoise: Sensemaker

The events of the coronavirus pandemic are happening so fast, it can be hard to keep up. Slow journalism news organisation Tortoise provides a recap of the key events in its free daily newsletter Sensemaker.

The newsletter does what it says on the tin: it makes sense of the day's events, providing clarity, it says, when we need it most.

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MIT Technology Review: Coronavirus Tech Report

MIT is well-known for its ties to the technology sector. Its newsletter, Coronavirus Tech Report, is updated several times a week with an expert take on the new emerging tools that are working towards a solution to the virus.

This is a tricky and technical field which we all want to be clued up on. For journalists, this provides a reliable context and maybe even a good story lead or two.

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If you are looking for daily updates - and as there does not seem to be much other news going on at the moment - its The Download newsletter is also well worth subscribing to.

Chatham House: covid-19 newsletter

The international affairs think tank, Chatham House, provides its latest analysis in the form of its covid-19 newsletter.

Expect in-depth insight and regular expert views from a global perspective, on the pandemic's impact on global health, the global economy and geopolitics.

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Vox: VoxCare

Compiled by health care policy reporter at Vox Dylan Scott, this newsletter is a daily rundown of key stories from himself and his colleagues.

While Vox takes an America-centric approach to the covid-19 situation, it often finds itself distilling lessons from abroad too. It also opens it up for readers to send over their burning questions to respond directly to.

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You can also subscribe to the newsletter, to stay on top of our coronavirus and wider media coverage.

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