The dynamic list of UK political journalists who have mentioned 'reshuffle' or 'cabinet' on Twitter during the past two days

Lissted, a database of more than 12,500 journalists and industry professionals, now allows you to follow dynamic Twitter lists of journalists who tweet about key topics.

Lissted has started creating Twitter lists around key subjects, such as the cabinet reshuffle, iPhone 5 and the launch of the new Nokia smartphone.

For example, the cabinet reshuffle list is based on UK political journalists who have talked about "cabinet" or "reshuffle" on Twitter in the last two days.

Anyone can follow these lists, which appear on Lissted's homepage, free of charge. And as they are Twitter lists, they can be followed as a column in a platform such as TweetDeck or HootSuite. However, due to the restricted length of Twitter lists, they will contain a maximum of 500 journalists.

According to an announcement by parent company RealWire, Lissted selects the most relevant journalists based on factors such as activity level, frequency of mentions, and Klout score, which measures online influence.

Lissted uses its Twitter database of journalists, which includes location information and the sector covered by each journalist.

Lissted also allows journalists who are signed up to the service to search for other member journalists who are discussing any keyword. Search criteria includes where the journalist is based geographically, the sector they cover and more.

Lissted 2

RealWire explains the new dynamic lists feature "identifies journalists and media outlets who mention particular topics, utilising Lissted’s real-time tracking of its database of over 12,500 media professionals' Twitter accounts. The data is then used to dynamically build and update a Twitter list to include these accounts."

"The Lissted application is able to create these dynamic and highly-targeted Twitter lists through a combination of its in-depth and thoroughly curated database, real-time indexing and proprietary list-building processes. Lists are updated constantly, with new active members being added all the time, and members that no longer fit the relevance criteria automatically removed."

Although it is free of charge to follow lists and for journalists to sign up, Lissted also has a premium service, allowing users to request bespoke dynamic lists for an additional fee.

Journalists can register on the database, which was set up to provide information and contacts to PRs.

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