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It's been a whole year since Vine burst into the iOS App Store, encouraging people to think creatively about what video can achieve in six seconds.

Writing on the Vine blog, the team behind the app admitted they "didn't know what to expect" when it first launched on 24 January 2013.

"To say that we've been blown away is an understatement," the blog continued. "The creative community that has embraced Vine's short, looping videos has shown that you can tell a whole story, make people laugh and even leave people speechless – in six seconds or less."

To mark the app's first birthday, highlights five ways that newsrooms have used Vine.

1. To cover breaking news

Turkish reporter Tulin Daloglu, a columnist for Al-Monitor, was one of the first journalists to use Vine to cover breaking news, capturing the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the American Embassy in early February 2013.

2. To report the Budget 2013

Two months after Vine's inception, The Times's newly-formed visual journalism team used the app to report on the Budget 2013, with preparation that included building "a bespoke tripod out of plastic cups, stacks of A4 paper and a letter tray".

3. To visualise data

The Guardian found an interesting and visual way to summarise the top lines from last year's GCSE results using what they called 'datavines'.

4. To show different perspectives

The Wall Street Journal was among the media outlets that used Vine to report on New York Fashion Week. Elizabeth Holmes used the app to share the view from the front row, as well as behind-the-scenes moments.

5. To show 'behind-the-scenes'

Poynter has pointed to the ways newsroom can use Vine to show "personality, process and previews". One example, from June last year, takes you into the offices of Channel 7 Eyewitness News in Buffalo.

And just earlier today, Channel 4 News also produced a newsroom-based Vine featuring presenter Jon Snow.

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