App of the week: FiLMiC Pro

Devices: iPhone

Cost: £2.49

What is it? An iPhone app for recording video that offers manual control over sound, white balance, focus and exposure.

How is it of use to journalists? FiLMiC Pro is a video recording iPhone app that gives you manual control over image resolution and frame rate, offers an audio meter to monitor sound visually, allows GPS tagging and has a white balance function.

It beats the iPhone standard camera app when filming in areas where light is low as you can adjust the resolution and frame rate.

Adjusting the settings also allows you to save to the "FiLMiC library" which can then by synced with iTunes. This saves filling disc space in the phone's "camera roll".

Another setting worth adjusting is the audio. Selecting the "uncompressed" option rather than "compressed" will increase the file size of the video but will improve sound quality.
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