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Scoopshot, which has a mobile app to enable photos captured on mobile devices to be submitted for sale to the media, today announced the launch of a new web platform for professional photography commissions.

In a release, the Finnish photography service Scoopshot, which first launched at the end of last year, said the PRO service "makes commissioning a photographer easier than ever".

"Scoopshot PRO gives the media, ad agencies and other companies access to a global pool of professional and accredited amateur photographers, and the ability to set, manage and pay for assignments," the release adds.

News outlets using the platform, can search for photographers based on factors such as location, and also see the photographer's portfolio before requesting a quote from them and potentially commissioning them.
The release adds that "buyers can choose from up to four licensing options, ranging from basic one-off use of images through to unlimited use in editorial and advertising".

Scoopshot currently takes a 25 per cent commission on sales. The service is free for photographers to join and news outlets to access.

The company claimed to have "more than 2,000 freelance photographers" already on the platform before its launch this week.

Scoopshot's mobile photography app allows users to take a photo or capture video footage using their mobile device, set a price and then submit the material for sale to the media.

In comparison the new Scoopshot PRO service will feature photos taken with professional camera equipment, which have then been submitted to the web platform.

An update to the mobile app is due soon, which will enable PRO service photographers to issue quotes to interested news outlets, and receive an alert when news outlets are interested in photography within their location.

Scoopshot sponsored and spoke at's recent news:rewired digital journalism conference, in which he delivered a presentation on getting good content and engaging the audience.

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