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The Telegraph has an average UK monthly readership of 9.23 million across print and online, according to the latest 'print and digital data' statistics from the National Readership Survey, the highest readership reported for quality daily national newspapers in the UK.

The NRS PADD report first launched in September, combining print and online readership figures for the first time. In the first report, which related to print readership figures from the NRS from April 2011 to March 2012 and online data from UKOM/Nielsen for April 2012, the Guardian was the quality title with the highest combined readership of 8.95 million.

The Guardian saw this figure increase in the latest results – which relate to print readership figures from the NRS from July 2011 to June 2012 and online data from UKOM/Nielsen for July 2012 – to 9.16 million.

But the Telegraph overtook the Guardian with a combined monthly total of 9.23 million.

The Telegraph had a higher print readership of 4.27 million, compared to the Guardian's 4.17 million, but a lower website readership of 5.98 million compared to the Guardian's 6.71 million. In both cases it shows a higher readership online than in print.

When the figures for print and online readership are combined, with duplication removed where readers are understood to read both, the Telegraph came out with the highest combined readership figure reported for a quality daily UK newspaper.

The Sun remains the newspaper with the highest combined readership across all national daily newspapers in the UK, in the report, with a readership of 17.41 million.

In a press release the Telegraph said the figures "are yet another set of data showing the strength of the Telegraph in the market".

In the first NRS PADD release earlier in the year the Telegraph came top for average daily readership across quality daily national newspapers. In the latest data release it came top for monthly, weekly and daily readership.

As outlined when the first NRS PADD were released last month, the National Readership Survey data does not include international readership or those accessing websites from devices such as smartphones, tablets or apps. The online figures are also measured by person using surveys, and not by browser.

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