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Storify has started to monetise by launching a VIP option for publishers.

Storify made the announcement at the end of last week, explaining that one of the first partnerships is with the BBC.

BBC journalists can create stories which are integrated into the BBC site. This example is from BBC Radio 2.

The paid-for VIP option offers several features, including real-time updates which the company says is "ideal for liveblogging major news and events". In the BBC example above, the Radio 2 team used Storify to liveblog musicians re-recording the Beatles' debut album to mark the 50th anniversary.

News outlets which sign up for a VIP account will also be able to add their own content to Storify stories, such as dragging in posts, photos and comments from their news site.

In addition to the liveblogging feature, the custom story display which allows integration with the news site and the ability to add their own content, publishers which sign up will get technical support and the ability to create private stories to be shared internally within the organisation.

In the announcement email and blog post, Storify said the tool, which allows users to curate stories by dragging and dropping tweets, Instagram pictures, YouTube videos and other social media content, "will remain free as always", adding "seriously, we have no plans to eliminate the free part of our service".

Storify, which launched in 2009, has become a firm favourite of journalists and is used by many news outlets including Al Jazeera and the Guardian.

Storify has also announced a partnership with WordPress VIP, the CMS used by a number of publishers such as Metro.

Publishers using WordPress VIP can integrate stories into their site by using the new VIP plugin. New Storify stories can also be created inside WordPress.

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