Over the past couple of weeks, the team has been working on the programme for the event, and we’re pleased to announce our first session ideas we are currently developing.

A limited number of early-bird tickets are available for the event, costing £140+VAT each. The discount expires on 6 August or once the places sell out, after which tickets will cost £190+VAT. Book your tickets here.

Half of the early-bird tickets have already been sold, so book your place now to avoid missing out.

One of the key sessions of the day will be a discussion around what Generation Z (13-24) wants from news organisations.

By 2020, Gen Z is forecasted to make up 40 percent of consumers in the United States. By that time, the Gen Z population may reach 2.56 billion globally.

From designing mobile-first, shareable story formats, to publishing on popular and lesser-known social platforms, the panel will explore how to adapt news content for the swipe-savvy Gen Z

Other sessions and workshops we are planning:

  • artificial intelligence in the newsroom — often portrayed as a threat to journalism jobs, we will explore how AI can provide useful tools that expand the boundaries of reporters’ work;

  • new social media strategies for content sharing — although Facebook demoted news in its News Feed, appetite for sharing news stories isn’t slowing down. We will talk about the up-and-coming content-sharing platforms and strategies your publisher needs to know about;

  • building revenuewith a membership programme — experts will discuss membership strategies in news organisations and explore what makes them successful

… and many more. Click here to view the agenda.

If you would like to suggest a session or a talk, or sponsor the event, please get in touch by emailing

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