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I have also written for firms providing legal and other services for the clean energy industry, notably Stephens-Scown LLP

Other information: I have been writing for the past nine years as a correspondent for Renewable Energy Magazine, covering news articles, conducting interviews and writing the occasional blog.
Additionally, I have written topical opinion pieces for Interesting Engineering and Solar Thermal Magazine, thus my primary interest is in clean energy and climate change and I consider myself to be fairly well acquainted with this sector, across all the main technologies (including green motoring, green building and energy efficiency) and including discussions around the political and regulatory environment, the economics of clean energy and on a social discussion/marketing and PR basis as well.
I would like to expand my writing in this area beyond Renewable Energy Magazine and so I believe my skills and knowledge in this area would be of interest to any publication/website etc with an interest in or relevant to clean energy.
Furthermore, I am also trying to broaden my interest, knowledge and experience in the transport sector, particularly with regard to rail and public transport (the bus and coach sector), as well as the general dynamics around transport planning etc.
Other subjects of interest range from historical topics to psychology, spirituality, literature and culture, mythology, art and so on. I am particularly interested in the two world wars, military history in general and movies and books covering military subjects.
Alongside more conventional industry articles of the kind you can see via my links below, I would like to be engaged in writing blogs, columns or other opinion pieces for mainstream political, business or lifestyle magazines and websites, covering my specialist areas of interest you can see listed here and adding to the general debate in the public arena on a range of topics.

Links to my work:
Britain At War Magazine (2010): A War of Politics (an article about racism suffered by black American troops in World War 2 Bristol) (2011): To fly or not to fly? A harsh decision that must be made (2011): UK coastlines in danger
Ask The Experts (2011) Arctic Apocalypse?
The Ecologist (2011): Underhand tactics and smear campaign alleged over controversial Tesco's campaign (2011): Music review of The Deadbeat Poets track "Staircase Stomp"
Looking For Clues (2011): Entertainment article arguing that the 'Twilight' movies can never really be accepted as true 'vampire stories'
Ceasefire Magazine (2012): Silences and cover ups: Is Jimmy Savile's past finally catching up with him?
Renewable Energy Magazine: Biomethane must be central to UK Clean Air Strategy say ADBA
Renewable Energy Magazine: Vattenfall and Peel Ports negotiate to secure deal for offshore operations
Renewable Energy Magazine: Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants now power over a million UK homes
Renewable Energy Magazine: Mapping Renewable Energy: An interview with Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI) Mark Porter and Josh Constanti
Renewable Energy Magazine: Energy Storage in Texas: An interview with John Carrington of Stem
Renewable Energy Magazine: An interview with Vyacheslav Solomin of Russian energy company EuroSibEnergo
Interesting Engineering: How Effective Could Willow be for for Biomass Energy Generation?
Interesting Engineering: How Safe Are Electric Vehicles?
Interesting Engineering: Solar Cells That Could Generate Energy From Rain
Interesting Engineering: Temperature’s Rising: The effect of heatwaves on Australian climate discussion
Interesting Engineering: The UK’s abysmal record on domestic energy efficiency
Interesting Engineering: Defence goes renewable: the adoption of renewable energy by the military
Interesting Engineering: Factors in wind turbine gearbox failure
Interesting Engineering: 8 Climate Change Denial Myths Debunked
Interesting Engineering: Nuclear Fantasy: Why nuclear doesn’t have a place in our energy future
Interesting Engineering: Renewable Energy: The baseload power fallacy
Solar Thermal Magazine: How is China doing on Climate Change?
History Today: Collapse and the Limits of Consumption
Energy and Environment Management: Biofuels?
Palm oil is not a viable option

The Speaker (2014) Fracking and the Future: Shale gas in the UK
Ancient Origins (2015): Archaeologists discover Ancient Rome may have been much larger than previously believed
Ancient Origins (2015): The environmental impact of the Maya civilisation is still visible today
Heritage Railway Magazine: Rails Along The Dockside (an article about the Bristol Harbour Railway)
Rail Professional Magazine: Campaign for real rail in Portishead (an article about the reopening of the Portishead branch)
Water 21 Magazine (water treatment sector): Screenshots of my news articles on water sector subjects
Kindred Spirit Magazine: Wising Up In The Wilderness
Kindred Spirit Magazine: The Mindful Gardener
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