How to succeed in journalism

Data security advice for journalists from #NICAR2016

Journalists from ProPublica and NBC discuss the state of data security

Posted by Abigail Edge on 11/03/16

Tackling stress in the digital newsroom: Advice from the experts

Reducing unnecessary anxiety in the newsroom will help you create a happier work life

Posted by Caroline Scott on 29/02/16

Journalists: Your Twitter bio is your calling card

Have you made it easy for others to get to you?

Posted by John Thompson on 23/12/15

How to get started with 360-degree video

Here's how to let your audience experience a story through virtual reality

Posted by Caroline Scott on 01/09/15

How to: create stories using Storify

Curate stories from social media and elsewhere around the web

Posted by Abigail Edge on 28/10/14

How to: use Cronycle to curate Twitter and RSS

Create 'collections' to monitor news around a topic or beat

Posted by Abigail Edge on 14/05/14

How to: have a digital 'edge' as a new journalist

Advice on digital skills to stand out from the crowd

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 09/05/14

How to: build a StoryMap to take readers on a journey

Using StoryMapJS to tell stories across geographical locations

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 17/04/14

How to: get started in investigative journalism

What does the job entail and how do you get started?

Posted by Alastair Reid on 05/12/13

How to: do data journalism on a budget

Advice for when time, money or manpower is limited

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 15/11/13

How to: create a Twitter-powered light bulb

Using a wifi-connected switch, IFTTT and a Twitter RSS feed

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 05/11/13

How to: get started in journalism

Tips from experienced journalists and editors

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 29/08/13

How to: produce video on your mobile phone

Advice on how to film and edit videos on your smartphone

Posted by By Charlotte Latimer on 28/08/13

How to: improve the online comment experience

Strategies for encouraging quality discussion on news sites

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 09/08/13

How to: engage diverse communities

Tips on going beyond Twitter to dig for news and contacts

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 24/05/13

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