Applying to get funding for a journalism project? Here are some helpful tips

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How do you talk about impact in a grant proposal and what aspects of your project do foundations expect journalists to focus on?

The Daily Vox

'We're not afraid to take a stance' – The Daily Vox is raising awareness of sexual violence on public transport

The publisher is running a special series throughout May to document the experiences of women using taxis to travel


Mobile journalism at CBC: Enthusiasm is contagious

A phone's battery can die after three minutes of filming in the cold, so how do CBC's mobile journalists cover stories in Northern Canada?

The Guardian uses research in neural development to let audiences see through the eyes of infants

The publisher's latest virtual reality project aims to show audiences the importance of responsive care and social interaction during their first year of life

Posted by Caroline Scott on 02/05/17

'Why would you not share it?' LBC's approach to getting people to listen and engage with audio on social media

'People want to hear views straight from the horse's mouth and they connect with presenters and listeners because it feels unscripted and authentic'

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 27/04/17

Fairfax aims to make digital transformation a 'learning-supported and training-infused process'

In this podcast, speaks to Julie Posetti, head of digital editorial capability at Fairfax, about her role in the newsroom

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 18/04/17

Why publishers should take measures to prevent a moral panic over virtual reality

Catherine Allen, virtual reality curator and creator, explains why it's important for news organisations to act now to reduce public anxiety surrounding VR

Posted by Caroline Scott on 11/04/17

Just be human: How The Moth works with its community to tell stories live

At the organisation's live shows, storytellers are not allowed to use any notes because that keeps them from connecting with the audience

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 04/04/17

The latest Global News Relay is tackling solutions journalism in 10 countries

Student journalists from 17 universities are taking part in the fourth Global News Relay

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 29/03/17

How publishers can get their community back from social media

The Coral Project provides free, open-source tools for journalists looking to better engage with audiences away from social networks

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/03/17

How a publisher's quest for clicks, shares and likes can lead to a loss of audience trust

Highlights from the 'Fake news: Inside the problem and how to fix it' panel discussion at City University

Posted by Caroline Scott on 14/03/17

What influences people's decisions about trusting and engaging with news?

Here are some ideas about interacting with your readers on Facebook that you can try in your newsroom

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 09/03/17

How the multimedia teams of L’Echo and De Tijd collaborate on projects

A daily meeting between the two teams follows the news conference

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 01/03/17

How newsrooms can get more out of Facebook Live

Yusuf Omar, mobile editor at the Hindustan Times, explains the impact livestreaming has had on his publication, and gives his advice for those looking to start using Facebook Live

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/02/17

'We are in an information war' – How journalists can begin to tackle the misinformation ecosystem

Claire Wardle, who leads strategy and research at First Draft, explains how newsrooms can start dealing with the issues that fake news is causing for the journalism industry

Posted by Caroline Scott on 14/02/17

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