How publishers can get their community back from social media


Newsrooms are continuing to shut down on-site comments as audiences increasingly engage with content on social media, but what impact will this inevitably have on their communities and the loss of management they have over the conversation?

The Coral Project is a non-profit collaboration between Mozilla Foundation, The New York Times and The Washington Post, which has developed a trio of free, open-source products available to publishers looking to better engage with their audiences on news sites.

Speaking at the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin today (21 March), Andrew Losowsky, project lead, The Coral Project, explained the challenges publishers are facing right now, the opportunities they are handing to Facebook and how they can make a change.

fake new panel

How a publisher's quest for clicks, shares and likes can lead to a loss of audience trust

Highlights from the 'Fake news: Inside the problem and how to fix it' panel discussion at City University

trust graffitti

What influences people's decisions about trusting and engaging with news?

Here are some ideas about interacting with your readers on Facebook that you can try in your newsroom

How the multimedia teams of L’Echo and De Tijd collaborate on projects

A daily meeting between the two teams follows the news conference

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 01/03/17

How newsrooms can get more out of Facebook Live

Yusuf Omar, mobile editor at the Hindustan Times, explains the impact livestreaming has had on his publication, and gives his advice for those looking to start using Facebook Live

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/02/17

'We are in an information war' – How journalists can begin to tackle the misinformation ecosystem

Claire Wardle, who leads strategy and research at First Draft, explains how newsrooms can start dealing with the issues that fake news is causing for the journalism industry

Posted by Caroline Scott on 14/02/17

Note to Self's latest audience engagement project aims to help listeners regain control of their digital presence

As part of the experiment, people will be invited to share their stories about digital privacy and to rethink their online behaviours through daily challenges

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 07/02/17

'There's no such thing as a digital native': The importance of technology journalists in 2017

Bill Thompson, freelance writer and broadcaster, gives his advice to aspiring technology reporters

Posted by Caroline Scott on 31/01/17

Why a photojournalist is creating a graphic novel shaped by the audience about children in Central African Republic

Marc Ellison is encouraging readers to follow his journey in Central African Republic and participate in the reporting

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 25/01/17

Read these comments: How The Washington Post wants to highlight meaningful online comments

An email newsletter will share the best conversations and individual comments from online readers every week

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 17/01/17

Finding Home: TIME's year-long multimedia project about the lives of refugee mothers

The publisher is following the lives of four Syrian refugee babies and their families, as they face an uncertain future

Posted by Caroline Scott on 10/01/17

The benefits of developing a journalism side project

What qualifies as a side project, how much time does it take up and why should you consider starting one?

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 20/12/16

How student journalists are using virtual reality to raise awareness of potential natural disasters

Students at the University of Southern California mixed computer-generated imagery and 360-degree video to prepare audiences for coastal storms in Houston, Texas

Posted by Caroline Scott on 13/12/16

The alternative take on local journalism at Taproot Edmonton in Canada

The founders hope their business model will help support the news needs of the local community

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/11/16

Six universities are taking part in a project that brings cross-border reporting into the classroom

With GENII, 130 student journalists from around the world are learning global reporting skills

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 15/11/16

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