Nikki Akinola, diversity and inclusion co-ordinator, NCTJ, on diversifying British journalism


The debate on racism in the media sparked by the Harry and Meghan interview gave the NCTJ's diversity scheme an unexpected boost


Special episode: (the lack of) diversity in independent publishing

The emergence of platforms like Substack and Patreon has made it easier for journalists to create premium content but the upper echelons of this industry are still heavily male-dominated. What stops women from rising through the ranks?


Paul Ostwald, co-founder of, on launching a media startup in a pandemic

How did this European media startup succeed to create a collaborative virtual newsroom in the space of a few months?

Deborah Haynes, foreign affairs editor of Sky News, on the role of journalists in information warfare

The new podcast series Into The Grey Zone explores prominent cyberattacks and real-life violent crime orchestrated by murky international actors. Its host warns newsrooms to stay vigilant as anyone can become a propaganda tool

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/03/21

Tom Hourigan, senior journalist, BBC News, on reporters' mental health during the pandemic

A new website encourages journalists to open up about the stress and anxiety caused by the lockdown. We spoke to the founder about what newsroom leaders must do to better look after their staff

Posted by Jacob Granger on 04/03/21

David Higgerson, chief audience officer, Reach plc, on overcoming leadership challenges during the pandemic

When the country went into lockdown, the newspaper group furloughed and laid off hundreds of staff but it also launched three new local titles. How did it set priorities amid uncertainty?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 25/02/21

Sudakshina Bhattacharjee, content marketer, on expanding your career options

Digital journalists have a range of skills that are sought-after in wider trades. A journalist-turned-commercial writer explains how to find work writing for brands and businesses and what you must know before diving in

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/02/21

Robyn Vinter, founder of The Overtake, on closing down the publication

The Overtake said 'thank you and farewell' to its supporters last week after a five-year stint. Its founder explains why she decided to call time on a growing business

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/02/21

Catherine Gicheru, ICFJ Knight fellow, on supporting African women journalists affected by the pandemic

The African Women Journalism Project was launched in July last year to help women in East and West Africa rise through the ranks of their newsrooms and cover under-reported stories throughout covid-19. Project director reflects on the impact of this initiative

Posted by Jacob Granger on 04/02/21

Abbianca Makoni, independent producer, on documenting UK women gangs

In her spare time during the pandemic, the Evening Standard journalist has been working on a solutions-focused investigation into women being coerced into gangs. She talks about how to cover a tricky topic without an editorial team

Posted by Jacob Granger on 28/01/21

Samantha Tomaszewski, social strategy leader, BuzzFeed, on career in social media audience engagement

Journalism graduates often feel that working in social media is a pipeline dream. An experienced social media journalist shares words of advice and encouragement for those wanting to break in

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/01/21

Paul Connolly, investigative broadcast journalist, on the art of the interview

The reporter behind Netflix show 'Inside the World's Toughest Prisons' shares his tips on getting an interviewee to open up and remaining calm under pressure

Posted by Freya McCoy on 14/01/21

Josh Helmuth, morning news anchor for KRDO, on being a journalist on YouTube

Journalists practically live on Twitter but few have a YouTube channel. A US local TV reporter reveals how he thrives on the platform without seeking controversy that could compromise his reputation

Posted by Jacob Granger on 07/01/21

Christmas special: what is your one hope or wish for the media industry in 2021?

2020 has not been kind to our newsrooms. looks at what our community truly wants to see maintained or changed in the year ahead, from sustaining solutions journalism to preserving opportunities for young and diverse talent

Posted by Jacob Granger on 23/12/20

Erin McCann, deputy editor, express desk at NYT, on managing a remote breaking news team

This year, the New York Times added a 24/7 news team to its London office but the pandemic forced it to rethink the way journalists work. A desk editor shares her experience of breaking news across time zones and talks about the impact of working from home on mental health

Posted by Jacob Granger on 17/12/20

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