Jen Maxfield, broadcast journalism veteran, on perfecting the interview


A US anchor, reporter and author shares all the lessons (and rookie errors) from 20 years in local TV news


Michelle Fyrne, group editor of SoGlos, on revamping regional media

This independent publication is leveraging 15 years of local coverage, the cookieless future and a new pandemic-prompted editorial focus to realise its revenue potential


Rachel Hamada & Vicky Gayle, The Bureau Local, on getting out of the newsroom

Stepping outside your newsroom and taking a step back from the news agenda can provide unexpected stories with true local value while turbo-charging your audience engagement

Claire Sanderson, editor-in-chief of Women's Health UK, on purpose campaigns

Researching the challenges facing your audience can give you plenty to write about. Working with commercial partners can help to deliver practical, real-world solutions

Posted by Jacob Granger on 15/07/22

Salla-Rosa Leinonen, producer at Yle, on journo-influencers

Is it really a journalist's job to influence the behaviour of online users? The author of a new paper argues that this is what reporters have always done, and that social media audiences need credible voices now more than ever

Posted by Jacob Granger on 06/07/22

Mary Walter-Brown, CEO of News Revenue Hub, on loyalty strategies

At a time of low trust in the news and a lack of willingness to pay for it, what can be done to encourage reader donations - even for the most resource-scarce newsrooms?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 01/07/22

Newsrewired special: Your main takeaways from our digital journalism conference

What are the biggest challenges facing newsrooms? Our audience shared their thoughts and takeaways from our flagship media event

Posted by Camille Dupont on 23/06/22

Nic Newman of RISJ on the Reuters Digital News Report 2022

News avoidance on the rise, young people not fussed about traditional media and audiences guarded over data. We pour over the main headline findings from the annual landmark media research paper

Posted by Jacob Granger on 16/06/22

Farrah Storr of Substack's insider tips on the newsletter platform

More writers are turning to Substack newsletters as a side hustle or a new day job. What are the must-use features and best practices if you want to make it a success?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/06/22

Newsrewired special: training and retaining new journalists

Recruiting predominantly from universities is skewing representation in UK newsrooms. What are the alternatives worth exploring and how do we make them a success?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 31/05/22

Yusuf Omar, co-founder of Seen, on wearable technology in journalism

Rebranding from Hashtag Our Stories, this media publication is betting that news consumers of the near future will access content through gadgets they wear on their faces - and it has big plans to make it financially sustainable

Posted by Jacob Granger on 20/05/22

Nadine Ajaka of The Washington Post on the visual forensics team

A pandemic-born team has been getting millions of views for reconstruction videos of major news stories. But how do you wrestle a time-sensitive story against a time-intensive medium?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/05/22

Hollie Wong of GAY TIMES, on community building and resilience on social media

The LGBTQ+ publication has carved out 4m social media followers, catering to audiences who have been historically let down by the press. But being online also makes them a target of abuse and trolling

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/05/22

James Hewes, CEO of FIPP, on the legacy of the pandemic on digital media

Publisher headaches as well as opportunities have emerged out of the crisis of the pandemic. Learn how to weigh up what to do about the cookieless future, investing in audio vs video and diversifying your revenue streams

Posted by Jacob Granger on 28/04/22

Leadership lessons from Perugia: Leading during uncertainty (part 2)

In these turbulent times, leaders need to show empathy and humility while still being able to make big calls

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/04/22

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