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'Anger at "fake news" can stop journalists from admitting - and correcting - their errors'


Sky News special correspondent Alex Crawford calls on all media professionals to fight "for the good name of our profession" with transparency and honesty

Licence fee, accountability and overseas opportunities central to BBC's future


The public broadcaster is thinking of new ways to cash in on its growing presence at home and abroad. But first, it needs to deal with scandals and balance sheets

Andrew Neil: "Britain is only the first market for GB News"

The opinion-led TV channel wants to prove to its investors that audiences want rolling commentary more than news updates. If it succeeds, it may export this model abroad

Podcast articleOrson Francescone, managing director of FT Live, on the post-pandemic future of media events

The business news publisher changed its live events strategy during the pandemic and managed to reach ten times as many delegates in the process. What does this mean as physical venues start opening back up?

'Actionable user needs' make for more efficient newsrooms

Too often, the bulk of stories amounts to a fraction of traffic. A new report by smartocto shows how data can be used to create articles your readers want

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: A BBC journalist's guide to working in podcasting


Award-winning producer Georgia Coan shares lessons on producing shows, handling sensitive stories and working for the broadcaster

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Regional print audience and content editor x2

Regional newspaper titles across Wiltshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire seek 2x audience and content editors with daily newspaper experience and a passion for print, to be based in Swindon or Oxford

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CwellynDream - turning homes into hope

CwellynDream is a Bristol-based company that specialises in using private home sales as fundraisers for struggling charities across the UK

Freelancers for hire


Direct publishing: what you need to know about this new technology

News outlets can now connect with their mobile audiences directly, without the interference of algorithms or bad actors, whilst taking back control over brand, ad revenue and data

Viral Facts Africa fights covid infodemic with emojis and animated messages

A collaborative project experiments with shareable social content to tackle the spread of coronavirus misinformation on the continent

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