Podcast articleOli Dugmore, head of news and politics, JOE Media, on virtue signalling

People like to share content that matches the values they believe in. One UK entertainment news publisher taps into this and gets millions of hits on its videos - but where is the line?

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Apply now: mentorship scheme to support innovation in UK local and regional newsrooms

Local_newsroom_mentorship_scheme.png launches a pilot programme to help smaller news publishers experiment with new tools and strategies

Journalists covering the Beijing Winter Games 'should use burner phones and avoid downloading TikTok'


With strict zero-covid policy safety measures and increased surveillance, press coverage of the Olympics may just become a "sportswashing" opportunity for China

What skills do freelance journalists need in 2022?

The pandemic has hit the freelancing community particularly hard but this year, things may be looking up. Here is what to focus on

What is the future of the BBC's funding model?

The debate around the licence fee being scrapped by 2027 prompted questions around how the public broadcaster should be financed and what its journalism should look like

New MoJo learning platform Mobile Creator Academy set to launch

If you are serious about becoming a smartphone journalist, there is a new community for you. Plus you can win a place on the course worth $200!

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip : Covering sexual violence in a conflict zone 


Talking to a journalist about sexual violence in a warzone is risky for any survivor. Dart Center provides guidelines to help you understand what is at stake

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News reporter

Global regulatory news service Chemical Watch is looking for a news reporter, ideally with experience of working in a newsroom environment and an interest in reporting on environmental policy and regulatory developments. Largely remote-based

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Energy start-up aims to make smart meters "smart"

Smart meters have long been resisted or little used. An energy start-up has decided to unlock their potential by making smart meter data available on an app. The Hugo Energy App could revolutionise the way we interact with smart meter data

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Why publishers should pay attention to Pinterest

The visual search platform that has more active users than Twitter created new tools to help businesses build loyal social audiences and explore untapped revenue streams

Reuters Institute predictions for 2022: nine trends you need to know about

We crunched through the latest Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2022 to round up the most important points publishers need to pay attention to this year

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