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Three lessons on inclusive commissioning from student-turned-indie publication Kindred Magazine

Members of the Kindred Magazine team with their first issue

Kindred Magazine was set up with the mission to be a "safe space for unique voices" and its editor shares tips for other journalists hoping to do the same

Forget focusing on paywall types - it is time to put your audience first


Publishers should shift their thinking from 'which paywall model suits our publication best?' to 'which model suits each of our audience segments?'

Advertorial: Improving strategic content planning in your newsroom

They say content is king, but only if your content is meeting the needs of your audience, when they need it most. That is where Desk-Net can help

Podcast articleNic Newman of RISJ on the Reuters Digital News Report 2022

News avoidance on the rise, young people not fussed about traditional media and audiences guarded over data. We pour over the main headline findings from the annual landmark media research paper

Digital News Report 2022: 10 key themes for the future of media

What impact have the Ukraine war, the cost of living crisis and a pandemic had on digital media? The latest Reuters Digital News Report shows declining trust in the media and wavering willingness to pay for it, while news avoidance rises

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: A style guide for trans coverage


Reporting well on trans communities requires nuance and care, and this guide by The Trans Journalists Association provides a starting point

Jobs board


The UK's biggest website supporting the education sector is looking for an ambitious reporter with experience of working across different digital platforms and, ideally, NCTJ or equivalent qualifications

PR of the week

WhatsApp your order: PPRX making your life easier

Know what you want but do not want to browse the internet, or cannot find the time to visit stores? With PPRX, you can WhatsApp what you need and they will deliver your health, beauty and medicinal products. Simple as that

Freelancers for hire


How can artificial intelligence help increase audience engagement with the news?

Newsrooms can use new tech to solve a few headaches, like making science journalism more accessible or increasing reader loyalty with tailored content recommendations

Digital culture and internet reporting: why are these two beats rapidly growing?

It is not all about cat memes - from news about influencers to brands' internet presence, the online world is full of real stories that matter to your audience

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