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Webinars and chatbots: inside Nikkei's B2B subscription strategy


The coronavirus meant that in-person meetings were banned in Japan, a country with a strong tradition of face-to-face sales. The business publisher had to innovate to sell its products online

Five tips to break into sports journalism


Is your career goal to cover match days and interview athletes? Sport reporters at The Daily Mirror, Manchester Evening News and Wales Online share how you can find your feet in the industry

Podcast articleDavid Higgerson, chief audience officer, Reach plc, on overcoming leadership challenges during the pandemic

When the country went into lockdown, the newspaper group furloughed and laid off hundreds of staff but it also launched three new local titles. How did it set priorities amid uncertainty?

Four ways journalists can protect sources using the “deep web”

In an age of press surveillance, these tools will help you hide from censors when reporting on and within authoritarian countries

Seven tried-and-tested steps to growing your digital subscription model

Thinking of rolling out a reader revenue strategy or revamping your existing one? The Google News Initiative shares tools and templates refined by newsrooms worldwide

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Interviewing musicians 101


Learn how to get the best quotes and insights when speaking to singers and songwriters

Jobs board


A leading independent media organisation dedicated to socially conscious journalism and publishing seeks an experienced editor with strong analytical skills and a passion for human rights to join its co-operative

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Renowned spiritual leader calls for prayer for world peace

Currently society faces many woes, however there is a solution. If we want to find our way out of the pandemic as well as the ravages of climate change and food insecurity then we have to be willing to listen with open hearts and make changes

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Derbyshire: opening up about my experience of domestic abuse helped me win survivors' trust

A journalist should never become the story. But when investigating domestic violence in lockdown, talking about her violent father enabled the BBC presenter to produce a raw and honest Panorama documentary

Inside The Washington Post's award-winning visual forensic team

"It is a mistake to create this bifurcated world of text and visuals when so many huge news stories play out in a way where they are caught on camera"

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