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Five mistakes media trainers make - and how to avoid them


From vague objectives to mind-numbing monologues, there are many ways media training can go horribly wrong. Here is how to design the perfect course

Podcast articleLottie Gross, freelance writer, on how to make travel writing work when you cannot travel


Finding freelance work in a lockdown has been a nightmare for many but travel writing was especially badly hit. Here is how the pandemic forced the industry to reinvent itself

Our.News creates 'nutritional' fact-checking labels to help audiences make healthier news consumption choices

Want to know exactly what makes up your media diet? This tool breaks down all the 'ingredients' of online articles to fight misinformation and build readers' trust

So you graduated in journalism. Now what?

Entry-level jobs are scarce, training schemes and internships are being cancelled. Here is what you can do during the pandemic to start working in the media

Solving the revenue maximisation problem for publishers

The pandemic reminded us that journalism cannot be financed through advertising alone. Newsrooms have a lot to gain from creating new revenue streams and personalising reader experience

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: How to create perfect social video for each platform


What is the ideal length for a Twitter video or the correct dimensions for a Facebook video? Check out this guide

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Reporter - health inequality

Talented and passionate reporter sought to join Bureau Local on a health inequalities beat

PR of the week

UK franchise consultancy strikes Canadian franchise deal

Lime Licensing Group has expanded its franchise consulting business into Canada opening a pathway for UK and Canadian brands to easily trade in each other’s country

Freelancers for hire


Media Cubs empowers underprivileged children to become the next generation of journalists

Too white, too posh and too London-centric - the UK media sector is frequently criticised for its lack of diverse voices. One Manchester-based organisation has set out to change that

The hidden impact of reporting on covid-19 from the frontline

From fragile mental health to separated families, eight international journalists open up about their work and life while reporting on the deadly pandemic

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