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Tool for journalists: FotoForensics, for verifying images


How to check if a photo shared on social media has been digitally altered

Podcast articleHow newsrooms can get more out of Facebook Live

fb live

Yusuf Omar, mobile editor at the Hindustan Times, explains the impact livestreaming has had on his publication, and gives his advice for those looking to start using Facebook Live

How WNYC's Note to Self worked with its audience to start a conversation about digital privacy

The Privacy Paradox ran for five days and was the show's third experiment in audience engagement

10 Facebook Live tips from the Hindustan Times

The publisher has produced over 315 live streams over the past 10 months, so what lessons has the team learned in the process?

Tool for journalists: Trends24, for monitoring popular topics on Twitter

Stay up to date with what's trending on Twitter worldwide or zoom in on your city with this free tool

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Remember this advice for being more creative with social media storytelling

instagram phone

Consider writing your entire story on Facebook, or telling a visual story in multiple Instagram posts

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Travel Writers / Researchers / Reviewers (Berlin & Edinburgh)

City Travel Review (CTR projects) - 2016 project member positions in Berlin, Germany (with language learning element), and Edinburgh Scotland (without language learning), between April-September 2016

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Experience the travel adventure of a lifetime

Backpack through Europe in the eneloop expedition 2100: 3 teams of 2 people and 1 drone, walking 2,100 km off-road in 120 days, starting from 3 different countries in Europe

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Get with the program: The benefits of coding skills in the newsroom

Learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript may not be glamorous, but programming knowledge can help you engage audiences in different ways

How Note to Self crowdsourced stories about information overload from 30,000 people

The team behind the weekly podcast convinced listeners to sign up for Infomagical and fight information overload both individually and as a community

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