Podcast articleReporting on Big Tech, with Niamh McIntyre of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

A year-long investigation shows the increasingly narrow gap between tech platforms, surveillance and authoritarian regimes, making it a crucial area for journalists to monitor

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What AI can do for your newsroom: tips from Ring Publishing's latest handbook


Auto-generated content unlocks a new world of potential, but do not forget that the most valuable asset for any media is the trust of its readers

Journalists are happy to be disconnecting from platforms, should news organisations be worried?


Before running headfirst into the next shiny piece of technology, newsrooms leaders must ask who will be impacted the most and what support they will need to keep going

Podcast articleThe skills a modern newsroom leader needs, with Niketa Patel

The senior director of leadership programmes at CUNY discusses how to lead with empathy, motivate your team and create a culture geared toward experimentation, whatever the size of your newsroom

Newsrooms must step up their efforts to cover gender equality stories

Annette Young, France 24 TV news presenter and host of the 51 Per Cent show, says that the rise of conservative views amongst young men is good reason to double down on coverage of women's rights

Podcast articleWorkflow tips in participatory journalism, with Annie Slemrod and Nuha Al-Junaid

The New Humanitarian garnered more than 100 contributions for its Yemen Listening Project detailing how lives have been affected by ongoing conflict

Tips to tailor pitches for written, audio and visual formats

Learn how to get your story ideas for newsletters, podcasts and visual essays approved

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Assistant editor

A world-leading monthly trade publication serving the professional lighting, audio, staging and audio-visual industry seeks an assistant editor with news/business journalism experience and sub-editing skills

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We need to talk about franchising. It is a game changer

Richard Pakey's story about his journey into franchising and the success he has found within the industry serves as an inspiring testament to the potential of franchising as a business model

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Five key takeaways from the UK select committee on the future of news

News executives say that the industry is facing pressure from all directions: generative AI, the business model and relationships with big tech companies. But not everyone agrees on solutions

Covering elections: how to not let politicians steal the narrative

The Citizen's Agenda model is being used in the US to prioritise the needs of local voters above candidates hunting for positive publicity

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