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How Dow Jones is building a framework to tackle AI copyright challenges


"If we are to reap the rewards that GenAI technologies afford us, we need to be able to trace the origin of the information down to a sentence level," says Traci Mabrey

Behind the award-winning web-documentary Manchester Maze


Tell stories 'with' not 'for' communities, say the creators of an innovative homelessness reporting project

Journalism must update its mission to survive

Trust in journalism is at an all-time low, engagement is declining, and the business outlook for the industry is uncertain at best. These are facts. The question is whether you think this situation is inevitable or if you believe things could be better. Mattia Peretti in the latter camp

Livestreaming, explainer videos and newsletters: Overnight election coverage with three new media companies

"It makes the all-nighter worth it": Journalists at Novara Media, TLDR News, and The Edinburgh and London Minute talk about sacrificing sleep to cover the UK general election and give their audience something interesting to wake up to

Podcast articleThe legacy of WikiLeaks, with award-winning journalist James Ball

Although Julian Assange is famously difficult to work with, he will be ironically best remembered for transforming investigative journalism into a collaborative field

How are news organisations covering the UK's general election 2024?

Explainers, unorthodox interviews and Roblox have been used to inform the UK electorate ahead of polling day

Jobs board

Breaking-news reporter (London)

American daily news publication published in Washington seeks a dedicated, energetic journalist with at least five years' relevant experience to join its breaking-news team in London

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Cotswolds personal trainer launches podcast to inspire the over 55s

Personal trainer James Hilton has launched a podcast 'Jim's Gym - Inspiring Movement'. James, a specialist in biomechanics and injury recovery from the Cotswolds, runs Jim's Gym, a virtual online space supporting people over 55 to be more active

Freelancers for hire


Who to follow: 25 women covering the independent publishing sector

If you are curious about the indie news entrepreneurial space but find your social feeds a tad too heavy on men's voices, follow and connect with these fantastic women experts

Five audience growth and revenue strategies from outside the UK

How do you move print readers to digital? Are there other ways to hold on to subscribers besides a last-ditch deal? These questions and more answered

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