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"Solutions journalism has never been more needed. So we made a game about it"


Everyone can do SoJo, no matter the journalistic experience. Journoresources came up with an entertaining way to prove it

EJC launches Freelance Journalism Assembly to support the self-employed community


The programme, designed to empower and connect freelance media professionals in Europe, will provide training, mentorship and online events

Can an ‘encyclopaedia of opinions’ help us have healthier conversations?

UK startup Parlia wants to build a complete database of what people think to help us understand - and mend - our polarised society

The Bristol Cable launches new tool to engage readers with local journalism

Out of crisis comes an opportunity to turn readers from passive consumers to active members of the newsroom

Here is why local journalism matters so much to UK communities

As part of its #LoveLocalNews campaign, Bureau Local showcases stories from around the country

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Use up-to-date and reliable covid-19 data


With coronavirus cases and deaths constantly rising across the world, here is a useful source to make sure you are using the latest figures in your coverage

Jobs board

Royal Navy physical development media, communications and engagement officer

The Royal Navy in Portsmouth seeks a qualified journalist with a keen interest in sport to lead its physical activity communications strategy

PR of the week

UK franchise consultancy strikes Canadian franchise deal

Lime Licensing Group has expanded its franchise consulting business into Canada opening a pathway for UK and Canadian brands to easily trade in each other’s country

Freelancers for hire


How to make news more engaging for younger audiences

With the under-35s spending less than eight minutes a week reading news, the media need to rethink the news agendas, change tone of voice and reinvent story formats to win them back

'Lead with the truth, not the controversy': how to report on the 2020 US election

As the presidential election approaches, journalists need to better understand information environments to stop the spread of false claims

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