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Podcast articleAddressing consistent news avoidance, with Benjamin Toff


What can news organisations do to win over audiences that want nothing to do with them?

Covering elections: how to not let politicians steal the narrative


The Citizen's Agenda model is being used in the US to prioritise the needs of local voters above candidates hunting for positive publicity

How a digital news startup tackled Lisbon’s local news deserts with constructive storytelling

Marginalised communities are often the hardiest news avoiders. A team of Portuguese local journalists set out to break down the walls with a groundbreaking collaborative journalism project

Podcast articleUnveiling the lessons of a war reporter's journey, with Andrea Backhaus

A veteran conflict reporter shares the profound insights gained from a decade on the frontline, revealing the human experience amidst the chaos

Have your say: new study wants to know how UK-based journalists cope with moral injury

Has your job ever caused you to question what kind of person you are or the kind of world we live in? Kings' College London wants to hear from you

Building trust during 2024 elections with live-blogging and fact-checking

Voters are heading to the ballot box at a time when they are turning away from the news

Jobs board

Sports editor

Northern Ireland's oldest surviving weekly newspaper seeks an experienced sports editor with a broad knowledge of sports in the area

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Credico bridges the gap: strategies for effective hybrid team collaboration

Hybrid working has become the norm in many companies across the globe. In the US alone, 74 per cent of companies currently use or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model

Freelancers for hire


What gets readers to pay? Transparency on the price of journalism

Subscribers like digital offers, joining a community or supporting independent news. But new research indicates what really gets them over the line is the right combination of appeals

Countering news avoidance: focus on relevance and value

When half of the population are avoiding the news, the best cure is to give them a stake in the stories and news outlets that matter most to them

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