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Why assumed knowledge is the 'enemy of the push alert'

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Push alerts can be excellent at driving readership, but what do news organisations need to consider when using notifications to engage audiences?

3 iOS apps for sharing article pull quotes to social media


Read, highlight and share quotes on the go with these simple yet effective apps

'It’s about teamwork': The diary of a journalist surrounded by coders

It doesn't happen very often that journalists work directly with coders – so when it does happen, it could feel, for both sides, a little like stepping into a completely new universe

How to crack Snapchat and Instagram through ‘Stories’

Sumaiya Omar, founder of HashtagOurStories, provides tips on producing and curating original journalism using the Stories feature of the two social platforms

UK news brands are often ignored or misremembered when accessed via search or social media, study finds

BBC, the Guardian and BuzzFeed are able to achieve much higher levels of correct attribution even when accessed via distributed platforms, according to the latest research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

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Tip: Advice for journalists working with coders

code laptop

As more coders enter the newsroom, it could sometimes feel like there’s a language barrier between them and the editorial staff

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Editor, Citywire Asia

Responsible for all editorial output for Citywire Asia. Your duties will be to instigate, commission and edit high quality news for and the monthly magazine across Singapore and Hong Kong.

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#Don’tGoofOnTheRoof drive to keep children off construction sites and derelict properties this summer

Schools out – campaign aims to cut serious injuries and fatalities for children exploring construction sites and derelict properties

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Get with the program: The benefits of coding skills in the newsroom

Learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript may not be glamorous, but programming knowledge can help you engage audiences in different ways

How Note to Self crowdsourced stories about information overload from 30,000 people

The team behind the weekly podcast convinced listeners to sign up for Infomagical and fight information overload both individually and as a community

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