Podcast articleEd Conway, economics editor at Sky News, on data and AR in the US election coverage

The race to the White House will be decided in some key battleground states. Sky News is planning a night of augmented reality visuals and county-level statistics to keep audiences up to date

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A journalism student’s survival guide to online lectures


10pm curfews, isolation and being glued to your screen for lectures is not the typical idea of 'university life'. We asked this year's students for their best bits of advice on acing e-learning

Tool for journalists: The Progress Network, for finding experts on societal solutions


Looking for inspiration or new sources for reporting on what the world can do to solve its biggest problems? Look no further than this network of journalists, scientists, academics and other professionals

Documenting India's migrant crisis with smartphones and bicycles

Two mobile journalists pedalled 600km to share the stories of migrant workers who fled the Indian capital because of the coronavirus pandemic

Under-35s feel 'less anxious' about getting news from trusted brands than on social media

The covid-19 crisis strengthened the trust between recognised news brands and their audiences as the pandemic forced us to focus on what truly matters

How simple storytelling techniques can make you a better writer

Add the human touch to your stories and readers will engage more actively with your copy. A freelance writer shares his top tips for feature finesse

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Write the perfect CV for a journalism job


Job applications are tough and competitive, but an original and engaging CV will help you stand out from the crowd

Jobs board

Editor - London

Reorg, a provider of financial information and analysis on distressed and high yield debt, is looking for an experienced editor to share the lead in our London office

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Property disputes expert says thousands of landlords could be waiting years for court hearings after eviction ban

Alex Cook, director of specialist litigation firm, Helix Law, warns that thousands of residential landlords may be forced to sell their properties because of the long backlog of court eviction proceedings due to the eviction ban

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World News Day: seven stand-out pieces of journalism in 2020

From the pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement and the climate emergency, this year has been full of twists and turns. celebrates quality reporting on what matters to our communities

The Membership Puzzle Project launches a guide to building a sustainable business model for your newsroom

Whether you want to find a new revenue source or engage with your readers to regain their trust, this resource provides 34 tried-and-tested case studies

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