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How to report on artificial intelligence


There is more to AI than fears of killer robots or dreams of it fixing all of humanity's problems. Four of the best brains in the business share their tips on tackling this tricky topic

Newsroom managers must do more to support staff's mental wellbeing


Journalists are sharing stories of pandemic-related stress and anxiety on a newly created website to seek peer support and fight stigma

Does truth equal trust?

We like to believe that giving our audiences cold hard facts will win their trust. The reality is more complicated

How did you get your first job as a trending writer?

Charlie Herbert, a new recruit for digital news website, shares tips on cooling your interview nerves and turning around five news stories a day

Online communities for young journalists: the good, the bad and the ugly

Social media platforms provide budding reporters with opportunities, contacts and resources. But are they always a force for good?

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Avoid common errors in data visualisation


Make sure you are presenting numbers and statistics correctly to your audience

Jobs board

Environment reporter

The UK's largest independent investigative journalism organisation seeks an enthusiastic journalist with at least two years' experience of strong environmental reporting to join this core team on a three-year contract

PR of the week

Interactive arts exhibition gets underway in Birmingham

Launched in Birmingham, United Kingdom on the bronze statue of Queen Victoria, an interactive art installation pays homage to historical statues in Victoria Square with a powerful statement

Freelancers for hire


Yes, we need to regulate Facebook. But how?

Between inadequate efforts to fight misinformation and opaque decisions around content moderation, voices demanding tighter regulation of the social platform are growing stronger. The trouble is, we cannot agree on who should be in charge

Webinars and chatbots: inside Nikkei's B2B subscription strategy

The coronavirus meant that in-person meetings were banned in Japan, a country with a strong tradition of face-to-face sales. The business publisher had to innovate to sell its products online

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