US nonprofit The 19th wants to report on women and policies from a gender viewpoint


As men still account for two-thirds of news coverage in the US, this nonprofit newsroom looks to diversify its team to cover under-reported stories and bring women journalists to the fore


Daniell Morrisey: How to prepare a killer CV

A career coach and head of talent for BBC shows talks about what makes a CV stand out to potential employers


What role will branded content play in the future of news?

When media organisations and commercial companies work together on stories, it can put experts in the spotlight and offer a new source of revenue - but readers have a right to be wary

Archant embraces mobile journalism to cover local news stories

Journalists are trained to shoot lots of simple smartphone footage when reporting out in the field to get their stories online faster and attract more viewers when interest is at its peak

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/02/20

IDA, Microsoft’s new AI-powered tool, helps journalists collaborate on large datasets

Finding one name in a sea of scanned documents or a video footage takes a lot of legwork. This new tool can speed up the process and supercharge collaborative data investigations

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 10/02/20

Podcast articleMake the leap into freelancing and become your own boss

Scratching your head over invoicing? Unsure how to plan your workload? The former head of video at Hello! magazine talks about her journey to becoming a freelance videographer and shares her tips for success

Posted by Jacob Granger on 07/02/20

'Lead with the truth, not the controversy': how to report on the 2020 US election

As the presidential election approaches, journalists need to better understand information environments to stop the spread of false claims

Posted by Daniel Green on 07/02/20

How journalists can help audiences understand the news

Journalist Shirish Kulkarni shares findings from Clwstwr, an innovation programme that aims to develop new forms of storytelling

Posted by Shirish Kulkarni on 05/02/20

The Times set to launch a radio station to capture new subscribers

The publisher is hoping to follow the success of stations like LBC which enjoys an audience of 2.7 million listeners a week

Posted by Daniel Green on 05/02/20

How to find and succeed in journalism job abroad?

We speak to journalists who have successfully made the move abroad for their work. How did it work out? What advice would they give to others? And has it boosted their careers?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 04/02/20

USA Today uses augmented reality to dive deeper into topical news stories

Mobile audiences are spending more than twice as much time with interactive stories compared to regular content on the same topic

Posted by Daniel Green on 04/02/20

David Leigh's survival guide to investigative journalism

Veteran reporter reveals what he has learned from 40 years in the craft and shares tips on practising "adversarial journalism" in the post-truth era

Posted by Jacob Granger on 31/01/20

The Economist launches weekly podcast and newsletter on US election to boost subscriptions

The 'Checks and Balance' coverage provides a clearer rundown of events leading up to the presidential election, building on existing demand for the topic and the formats

Posted by Daniel Green on 31/01/20

Podcast article'Give them a reason to take you seriously': how journalism students can land scoops

Getting bylines can be tough when you are short of contacts and confidence. One Bournemouth University student talks about uncovering a shocking exclusive story that made the front page of his local newspaper

Posted by Jacob Granger on 30/01/20

Video articleApp for journalists: Doubletake, for recording both sides of an interview on smartphone

This new free app by FilmicPro allows you to record with two cameras on your mobile phone at the same time to capture interactions

Posted by Daniel Green on 30/01/20

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