What is the future of news on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn app on an iPad

LinkedIn has been expanding its news team, so we took a look at the tools and opportunities available to publishers and journalists on the platform

creative block stress

Three tools for journalists to protect themselves against online harassment

Online harassment puts both individual journalists and independent journalism at risk. These tools help to flag and report threats while limiting your exposure to harmful content

Colourful map of Europe

21 English-language news outlets across Europe for journalists to follow

It is all too easy to get stuck in our national news bubble, which makes it important to seek out international news reported by people with local expertise

Podcast articleMichelle Fyrne, group editor of SoGlos, on revamping regional media

This independent publication is leveraging 15 years of local coverage, the cookieless future and a new pandemic-prompted editorial focus to realise its revenue potential

Posted by Jacob Granger on 29/07/22

The FT launches cryptofinance section and newsletter following reader demand

FT readers want to know about the main 'movers and shakers' in the digital asset industry. So the publisher created a one-stop shop and a subscriber-exclusive newsletter for all their crypto needs

Posted by Jacob Granger on 28/07/22

AI text-to-video technology can help newsrooms get more mileage out of their copy

It is a missed opportunity not to repurpose articles into young people's favoured format

Posted by Dominik Mate Kovacs on 27/07/22

Journo-influencers are good for newsrooms, but they need support

TikTok can be a place where reporters, newsrooms and consumers can all benefit from influencer-style content. But too few newsrooms embrace the opportunity, finds a report by Polis at LSE

Posted by Jacob Granger on 26/07/22

How to ace public speaking and live performance

Neurobiology, psychology skills and attitude: Overcoming nerves is not purely about mindset

Posted by Olivia James on 25/07/22

Podcast articleRachel Hamada & Vicky Gayle, The Bureau Local, on getting out of the newsroom

Stepping outside your newsroom and taking a step back from the news agenda can provide unexpected stories with true local value while turbo-charging your audience engagement

Posted by Jacob Granger on 22/07/22

How Black Ballad raised £335,000 in equity

The lifestyle platform's founder explains how the company pulled off their greatest achievement to date: equity crowdfunding

Posted by Tobi Oredein on 21/07/22

How coffee breaks with users brought reality checks and culture change to Sweden’s public broadcaster

Reporters were initially sceptical about getting coffee with their communities, but the audience engagement project was the foundation for SVT's digital transformation

Posted by Catherine Edwards on 18/07/22

What next for native advertising, and how can publishers benefit?

Global spending on native advertising is rising fast and is only predicted to keep growing. So how can publishers who have not yet taken advantage of this revenue stream get a piece of the pie?

Posted by Catherine Edwards on 18/07/22

35 media podcasts that should be on every journalist's radar

Whether you want to stay on top of the latest media world updates or get tips to improve your day-to-day work, we have your podcast fix right here

Posted by Caroline Scott, Jacob Granger on 18/07/22

Podcast articleClaire Sanderson, editor-in-chief of Women's Health UK, on purpose campaigns

Researching the challenges facing your audience can give you plenty to write about. Working with commercial partners can help to deliver practical, real-world solutions

Posted by Jacob Granger on 15/07/22

Can reader call-outs close the gap between newsrooms and audiences?

Political crises are a chance for news outlets to listen to their readers in order to (re)gain trust

Posted by Tassos Morfis on 13/07/22

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