What makes readers pay for online news?


Twipe's latest survey found that paywalls are not as efficient as many think, and that unlimited access to news is one of the most valued perks of a subscription


Picture News teaches schoolchildren to challenge what they see in the media

The project creates visually strong posters to illustrate news stories and helps teachers spark a debate in primary schools


CrossCheck Nigeria targets WhatsApp as a hotspot for fake news

16 news organisations are working together as part of a ‘watchdog project’ to debunk politically motivated mis- and disinformation ahead of the 2019 Nigerian election

A look inside the Guardian's documentary strand

Charlie Phillips, head of documentaries at the Guardian, explains how his team whittles 1,500 pitches a year down to just 20

Posted by Caroline Scott on 04/12/18

Empowering the next generation at BBC Young Reporter

The media project works in partnership with schools, colleges, youth organisations and charities to teach young people media literacy and production skills

Posted by Caroline Scott on 04/12/18

How your news organisation can share Instagram Stories with a select audience

The social platform has launched a new update, enabling users to pick and choose who sees their Story content

Posted by Caroline Scott on 03/12/18

How to cope with 'overwhelming' information in your newsroom

Regular screen breaks, turning off 4G and cutting down Twitter lists can prevent burnout in reporters

Posted by John Crowley on 03/12/18

Podcast articleLISTEN: Are bots better at understanding their audience than human journalists?

Talking to a machine can feel safer as readers do not have to fear judgement or backlash. But there may be hidden dangers in trusting bots too much

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 30/11/18

Struggling to find podcasts worth listening to? Let Piqd help you

The 'slow news' startup launches an audio discovery platform hand-picked by more than 60 curators from more than 20 countries to help audiences find the best podcasts

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 30/11/18

How the Engaged Journalism Accelerator empowers journalists to tell community stories

Greek non-profit Solomon will train 12 journalists from around the world in slow news with a new European Journalism Centre funding scheme

Posted by Jacob Granger on 30/11/18

Fighting misinformation by sending journalists to secondary schools

UK charity The Student View brings journalists and underperforming pupils together to help teenagers understand news and develop their leadership potential

Posted by Jacob Granger on 29/11/18

Video articlePublisher-driven initiative Newsadoo aims to become the 'Spotify for news'

The Austrian-based startup uses machine learning algorithms to deliver content from large and small media organisations onto one platform

Posted by Caroline Scott on 28/11/18

3 Instagram Story hacks that you might not have known existed

You have mastered the basics, now it is time to take your creativity to the next level

Posted by Caroline Scott on 27/11/18

BBC 100 Women celebrates female trailblazers around the world

The project raises awareness around women's rights and highlights female role models through TV, radio and online coverage

Posted by Caroline Scott on 26/11/18

Newsrooms must watch out for burnout in young reporters

Young minds are crucial for digital innovation but often those most at risk are the least likely to raise the red flag

Posted by Jacob Granger on 26/11/18

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