Six self-care tips for journalists to stay sane during the general election


As the frenzy of campaign coverage climaxes this week, stress in the newsroom is a growing concern. Rather than seeking a cure in binging on the election night pizza, try these free and simple ways to take care of your mental wellbeing


NYT's Hannah Yang on subscription ceilings, international markets and news bundles

The US publisher has 10.5m digital subscribers - 2m outside the US - and has its sights set on hitting 15m by the end of 2027


Who to follow: 25 women covering the independent publishing sector

If you are curious about the indie news entrepreneurial space but find your social feeds a tad too heavy on men's voices, follow and connect with these fantastic women experts

Please give us your feedback - and be in it to win a Book Bundle worth £150! is changing and we need you to help us guide this change

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 26/06/24

A two-person Substack newsletter got 550 people to turn up to local election events

Medway's indie title, Local Authority, had packed out rooms for candidates to respond to voter questions ahead of the UK general election

Posted by Jacob Granger on 25/06/24

Five audience growth and revenue strategies from outside the UK

How do you move print readers to digital? Are there other ways to hold on to subscribers besides a last-ditch deal? These questions and more answered

Posted by Jacob Granger on 24/06/24

Tick the right inboxes: six tips to save a failing newsletter

Before giving up on an under-performing newsletter, consider these steps from The Telegraph to see if you can turn it around

Posted by Adia May on 21/06/24

Podcast articleRISJ Digital News Report 2024: User needs with Vogue and The Conversation

The annual study into media trends found that audiences are not getting the inspirational and entertaining news they need. Two newsrooms with mature user needs strategies offer their perspective on how to address this mismatch

Posted by Jacob Granger on 20/06/24

Local news 'walk-ins' could enrich general election debate

Newsrooms must open themselves back up to wild and wonderful stories from members of the public

Posted by Alex Morrison on 20/06/24

Video meets podcast: Five tips for making a successful 'vodcast'

Discover a wider audience for your audio content by doubling up with video at the same time

Posted by Adia May on 19/06/24

How The Bristol Cable raised membership revenue by 25 per cent in a year

The local media cooperative is on course for hitting its £60k campaign target, attracting big-spending patrons and asking existing members to up their contributions

Posted by Eliz Mizon on 18/06/24

RISJ Digital News Report 2024: Three essential points for your newsroom

Top insights about paying for news, audiences' views on AI, social and video platforms, user needs and trust in news

Posted by Jacob Granger on 17/06/24

RISJ Digital News Report 2024: Five trends to watch in the UK

When it comes to the news, Britons are reluctant to pay for it, worn out by it and are not sold on the idea of AI helping it (yet)

Posted by Jacob Granger on 17/06/24

Why TikTok star Sophia Smith Galer created an AI tool to help journalists make viral videos

In this special series that focuses on journalism rather than algorithms, we look at Sophina, the chatbot that turns text into viral video scripts, based on the success of a journalist and content creator with 17 million likes

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 13/06/24

Social media-inspired content strategies for your newsroom

Young people like authentic, bite-sized content on their news feeds

Posted by Naomi Owusu on 11/06/24

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