Podcast articleThe changing relationship between news organisations and their audiences


At our latest newsrewired conference in London last week (7 March), we concluded the day with a discussion on how the relationship between news organisations and their audiences has evolved, and how publishers are involving their communities more in the editorial process beyond just expecting them to read or share an article once it's finished.

Speakers from De Correspondent, the Financial Times and explained how they work with their readers, from involving them in the reporting, to peer-reviewing stories and creating opportunities for fruitful participation in the comments.

They highlighted some of the topics and projects they have worked on with their audiences, as well as the questions they use to guide their approach to audience participation and how they think of measuring impact.

In this week's episode we hear from:

Check out for more coverage of the event.


'You need to foster belonging, not exclusivity': Membership lessons from De Correspondent

'We treat members as curious individuals who actively participate'

peter stewart

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5 iOS apps for creative mobile storytelling

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New automated tool at Reuters helps its 'cybernetic newsrooms' find stories in data

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#newsrw: How to follow along with newsrewired

Our 21st event will discuss the latest trends in digital journalism, including memberships and audience engagement, live video online, mobile storytelling and news on voice-controlled devices

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Podcast articleHow Politico is championing empowerment through its Women Rule project

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The Startups for News pitch battles have started

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How audio journalism can boost engagement

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