Why ‘slow journalism’ thrived during the pandemic


The member-centred approach at Tortoise helped readers to feel connected and empowered against the backdrop of loneliness and gloom


Podcast articleKiran Nazish, founder of CFWIJ, on violence against women journalists

Governments across the world are ramping up orchestrated attacks on women journalists to clamp down on press freedom. Who has the power to create change?


Hybrid working is here to stay but journalists need to be "sensible about it"

Head of editorial delivery at and warns against "rampant individualism" in the media industry that puts the comfort of working from home before training junior colleagues in the newsroom

Newsquest experiments with audio to boost audience engagement and subscriptions

A new in-house app, Bytecast, allows reporters to record, edit and upload soundbites from the field. This exclusive content is encouraging new and old readers to pay for their local news

Posted by Jacob Granger on 20/07/21

How the Financial Times helped its journalists build resilience during the pandemic

From live-streaming editorial meetings to providing self-management training, the publisher upped its efforts to support its staff through gloom and exhaustion

Posted by Osama Gaweesh on 19/07/21

What the Solutions Journalism Network learned talking to ~100 newsrooms about SoJo

65 per cent of leaders say solutions journalism keeps staff upbeat, gives them hope and makes them motivated

Posted by Alejandra Venancio and Kyuwon Lee on 16/07/21

How to make good money as a freelance writer

The author of "The bounty writer: how to earn six figures as an independent freelance journalist" shares his top tips on making your solo career lucrative

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 16/07/21

Ethiopian fact-checkers wage an unequal war against Facebook misinformation

In a country where Facebook is the main source of online news, hoaxes are widespread and verifying digital content is tough. But a small group of journalists at HaqCheck rose up to the challenge

Posted by Osama Gaweesh on 15/07/21

Podcast articleMobile journalists Sabbir Ahmed and Jamil Khan on creating a mobile-first newsroom

The co-authors of a new MoJo manual share their top tips and takeaways for creating news content using smartphones, live video, social audio and vertical Stories

Posted by Jacob Granger on 15/07/21

Advertorial | Rethinking audio discovery: from page views to listens

How Eurosport launched and grew a dozen podcasts, using their own website as their biggest listening platform

Posted by Podinstall on 15/07/21

Is the future of journalism work experience virtual?

With many journalists still working from home, physical internships have pretty much vanished. Unless they are among the lucky few, students are missing out on the vital experience or are made to work for free for weeks

Posted by Lauren Hardaway on 14/07/21

BBC News director hiring row: "We have to withstand any pressure...and we do that pretty well"

Francesca Unsworth has been at the centre of controversy after a BBC board member with close ties to Downing Street has allegedly tried to block a senior editorial appointment on political grounds

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/07/21

Influencers lead news debates in youth-focussed social networks, leaving journalists in the shade

Celebrities, personalities and activists are playing a bigger role in the news, influencing young people in social networks like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, according to the latest Reuters Institute Digital News Report. But what does this mean for journalists and should we be worried?

Posted by Nic Newman and Simge Andı on 12/07/21

'High reach but low revenue': UK independent news publishers only make £42k a year

A new report by the Public Interest News Foundation reveals that the smallest newsrooms still rely heavily on advertising that does not fully reward high-impact journalism. But there are fresh opportunities in online engagement

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/07/21

Podcast articleHeba Aly, CEO of The New Humanitarian, on reshaping coverage of the Global South

Parachute journalism has long been criticised for covering crises from a Western perspective. One newsroom is aiming to put communities at the heart of news coverage

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/07/21

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