5 tips for publishers from Pinterest

pinterest flower

Pinterest's head of international Matt Crystal shared his advice for journalists and publishers at the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin yesterday


How to create data visualisations using Tableau's Story Points

Present structure and insights into data-driven stories using free software from Tableau

publishing desk

How two publishers moved away from print to give their readers more

Chief executives from EMAP and F+W told their stories of digital transformation at the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin

Meet Mydio: Personalised radio for music and news mix

The stand-out entry for news at the Media Hack Day in Berlin yesterday lets users combine their Spotify account with automated news articles

Posted by Alastair Reid on 23/03/15

Announcing the next news:rewired digital journalism conference

The one-day event will focus on developments in the industry and practical advice to help journalists at any stage in their career learn together

Posted by Alastair Reid on 20/03/15

Where next for robot journalists in the newsroom?

With Associated Press announcing that algorithmic programs will soon be used on the sports desk, should journalists be worried they'll soon be replaced?

Posted by Jack Shepherd on 20/03/15

How 6 news organisations are using SoundCloud

Journalists have flocked to the audio sharing site but how are they using it?

Posted by Jack Shepherd on 20/03/15

ABC: Big drops in web traffic to UK titles in February

Latest ABC figures show monthly traffic to some UK outlets going down by as much as 20 per cent, but Mail Online still stays on the right side of 200 million

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 19/03/15

7 tips for students seeking journalism work experience

From covering letters and applications to coming up with story ideas, three industry experts share advice on work experience for aspiring journalists

Posted by Abigail Edge on 19/03/15

Listen: Are we close to seeing virtual reality in news?

The technology is there but are news organisations using it? And how should a journalist approach virtual reality for storytelling

Posted by Alastair Reid on 18/03/15

New site crowdfunds $80k to cover energy conflict in Canada

The Vancouver Observer's Linda Solomon explains why the outlet is behind two of Kickstarter's top 25 most-funded journalism campaigns

Posted by Abigail Edge on 18/03/15

'Context is God': Why the media needs a change in focus

In a keynote speech at the Guardian's Changing Media Summit, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk stressed the need for media companies to experiment with new platforms and treat each differently

Posted by Alastair Reid on 18/03/15

Not just a fad: The appeal of community journalism

Professor Richard Sambrook explains what community reporters should keep in mind before starting up their sites

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 18/03/15

Television... but for radio: The secret of Serial's success

Serial producer Dana Chivvis discussed how she helped make the most popular podcast in the world at a BBC event in London yesterday as part of a panel of experienced broadcasters

Posted by Alastair Reid on 17/03/15

The Sun launches free site to 'disrupt' online politics coverage

Sun website editor Tim Gatt explains what drives the SunNation experiment and what space the site wants to fill online

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 17/03/15

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