WATCH: What's it like being a religious affairs correspondent?

Caroline Wyatt

BBC's Caroline Wyatt explains the ethical responsibilities journalists take on when covering religion

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CNN and Washington Post are experimenting with voicemail for audio storytelling

Love Story and ThisYearILearned are two of the projects the news outlets have developed to collect and share stories using voicemail


App for journalists: Lrn, for learning to code

Learn more about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python or Ruby during your coffee break or commute with this app

What's it like being a motor racing correspondent? Q&A with Kevin Eason of The Times

The Times' motor racing correspondent, Kevin Eason, on what his role involves on a daily basis and why keeping in touch with people is essential

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 01/02/16

3 key research findings about social media usage in the Middle East and North Africa

A new study highlights key developments and insights into how social platforms are used in countries across the region

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 29/01/16

So you want to be a travel journalist?

Rough Guides' Lottie Gross explains what her job as web editor is like, and tells us what traits those aspiring to work in this competitive industry must have

Posted by Caroline Scott on 29/01/16

Distributed news: Inside Fusion's social storytelling team

Laura Feinstein, head of social stories at Fusion, gives an insight into the outlet's approach to creating content for Instagram, Vine and Snapchat Discover

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 28/01/16

Guards, rangers and pioneers: Study highlights 3 approaches to new media revenue models

The World Newsmedia Innovation Study looks at how media executives manage the challenges facing the industry today

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 28/01/16

12 lessons about live radio and building a relationship with the audience

Podcasts may have become increasingly popular, but live broadcasting is still a medium for delivering stories that matter

Posted by Damian Radcliffe on 27/01/16

The Washington Post builds new feature to add context to election coverage

The pop-up button called Backdrop will be available on all stories about the 2016 US presidential race

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 27/01/16

Hope for hyperlocal journalism as mixed funding models emerge

Have community websites finally found a way to become sustainable?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 26/01/16

'There will always be room to learn, to experiment, and to grow' – Q&A with BuzzFeed's Brianne O'Brien

Brianne O'Brien, BuzzFeed News mobile editor, explains what skills are needed in her role, and how it is important to 'make gigantic wonderful mistakes'

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 25/01/16

UK media outlets are not making the most of emails for audience engagement

While US news organisations have experimented extensively with newsletters, journalists in the UK have yet to take full advantage of the direct communication channel

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 25/01/16

So you want to be an investigative journalist?

BBC Panorama's John Sweeney gives us an insight into one of journalism's most sought-after roles

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/01/16

Distributed news: The Vox way of getting stories out to 6 social platforms

Allison Rockey, director of programming at Vox, explains how the engagement team works with editors and reporters to create native content for social networks

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 22/01/16

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